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Connaway, Fred

Connaway, Fred

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Commander, USN, (1911-1943)

Fred Connaway was born on 22 January 1911 in New Mexico. In 1928, he was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy from Arkansas and graduated from there in 1932. After serving in USS Texas (BB-35) for over two years, he attended submarine school and was assigned to USS S-18 (SS-123) and USS S-26 (SS-131, duty that lasted into 1939. Later, in the rank of Lieutenant, he commanded the submarine S-48 (SS-159) in the Atlantic and became commanding officer of USS Sculpin (SS-191) in 1943. Commander Connaway was killed in action when Sculpin was lost on 19 November 1943, while fighting a gunnery battle with a Japanese destroyer in the Central Pacific.

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