NH 79355-KN Toch "Low Visibility-Dazzle" System

Photo #: NH 79355-KN Toch "Low Visibility-Dazzle" System
Title: Toch "Low Visibility-Dazzle" System
Description: Toch Low Visibility-Dazzle System Contemporary drawing of a camouflage system developed circa 1917 by Maximilian Toch. It was intended to cause confusion in determining a ship's heading at relatively short ranges and reduce its visibility at long ranges. A description of Toch's camouflage system is on pages 37 & 38 of The Science of Low Visibility and Deception as an Aid to the Defense of Vessels Against Attack by Submarines, by Lindell T. Bates. Published by the Submarine Defense Association, New York City, 1918. In 1974 the original volume was in Record Group 45 at the U.S. National Archives. This drawing is Figure 14 of that publication. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.
Catalog #: NH 79355-KN
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