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On Site School Programs

These programs are designed for a variety of ages and offer a diverse level of engagement with the museum's content. Most of these experiences combine self directed gallery searches, with science or art activities by museum staff. To schedule a visit for your school, home school group, or other organization please contact the museum educator at 360.396.5547.

  • Motion in the Ocean helps pre-school students understand the very different world of the undersea environment through story books, interactive play with a host of cuddly sea creatures, and real ocean artifacts. They also explore important social skills while walking through a submarine hatch and playing in the Greenling Control room.

  • The People and the Animals Under the Sea Kindergarten - 2nd grade experience the galleries and learn a little something about how animals that live under the sea are very different from people and many animals that live on land! After exploring the galleries they join education staff in making fish prints in our educational classroom.

  • Life and Work under the Sea is a self-directed visit in which students in grades 3-8 pass through the museum searching out information about living and working in the undersea environment. They also participate in a science mini-lesson and a hands-on activity in the educational spaces.

  • Self Guided Visits Our museum is free to the public and contains exhibits on the ocean environment, World War II submarine operations, diving and diving technology. Also featured are the technology and machines behind submarines and their functions and tools. Self guided visits are encouraged for school and home school groups alike.

Prior to your visit please review the attached handout with your students.