Picture:  SEALAB III sitting on the dock under construction

SEALAB III under construction

SEALAB III was built using the same structure as SEALAB II but with features that allowed it to operate at 600 feet instead of 200 feet.  In February 1969, the habitat was lowered to the ocean floor off San Clemente, California. Four divers were sent down to repair a helium leak, but during the maneuver one of the divers died, apparently of carbon dioxide asphyxiation. Concern for the safety of the divers prompted the Navy to terminate all seafloor habitat programs.

Picture:  SEALAB III is moored to the USS Elk River

Moored to the USS Elk River, the SEALAB III habitat is fitted with umbilicals for air, electricity, and communications before it is lowered to a depth of 620 feet in waters off San Clemente Island.  Official US Navy photo.  Photographed by J. P. Munsie PHAM from Richard Blackburn's collection.

Personnel Transfer Capsule.  
From Bob Bornholdt's collection,
Photographer V. O. McColley PHC.

Picture:  Personnel Transfer Capsule

Picture:  Artists drawing of the Personnel Transfer Capsule (PTC)

Artist's drawing of the PTC - Personnel Transfer Capsule

Picture: shows diver attaching a message to a sea lion

Picture:  a saturation diver aquanaut

Picture:  Diver making an electrical connection to load cell

Hooking up the messenger.  
From Bob Bornholdt's collection.

The complete saturation
diver-aquanaut, Keith Moore. 
From Bob Bornholdt's collection

From Richard Blackburn's  collection.

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