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Education Resources at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Education Planner for Teachers

For a list of educational programs offered by HRNM, download our education planner. Many programs can be brought to the classroom.

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World War I Lesson Plans

World War I Lesson Plans

Chemistry Review Activity WWI Gas Earth Science Activity Topo Maps Life Science Activity Mines and Ecosystems
USII.5c, Lesson 1 of 3 USII.5c, Lesson 2 of 3 USII.5c, Lesson 3 of 3
VUS.9b, Lesson 1 of 2 VUS.9b, Lesson 2 of 2
WHII.10b, Lesson 1 of 2 WHII.10b, Lesson 2 of 2
Image of Submarine USS Norfolk as LEGO model.

Brick by Brick, HRNM's LEGO® Shipbuilding Plans

If you ever wanted to build your own ship using LEGOs®, here is your chance! Museum staff have produced eight sets of plans, complete with a parts list and step-by-step instructions.

EASY: USS America EASY: USS Gettysburg MEDIUM: CSS Virginia MEDIUM: USS Monitor MEDIUM: USS Harry S. Truman MEDIUM: USS Seawolf MEDIUM: USS Liberty HARD: USS Zumwalt HARD: USS Cumberland Expert: USS Wisconsin Expert: USS Maine
Navy Women in Ships

Navy Women in Ships--A Deployment to Equality

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For a list of posters.

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