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Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command



The NHHC offers internships to students who wish to have professional work experience in areas related to their educational programs and career goals. In addition to undertaking historical research, writing and editing, the NHHC operates the Navy Department Library, The National Museum of the United States Navy, and maintains collections of naval archives, photographs, artifacts, and art. Internships are available in all of these areas. The Command is located in the Washington Navy Yard, 805 Kidder Breese Street SE, Washington, D.C.


Eligibility: Students enrolled in colleges and universities along with graduates are eligible to apply. The program is a partner with the US Department of State's Visitor Exchange Program that allows successful non-resident non-U.S. citizens to receive the pre-J-1 visa document free of charge. 


Duration: There is no set length for an internship. The minimum period is four weeks full time. Internships that last longer than four weeks may be either full or part time.


Expenses: The Naval History & Heritage Command provides no salaries or other stipends to interns.


Additional requirements for an internship with Underwater Archaeology Branch:

Eligibility: Registered undergraduate students (junior or senior status preferred), current and recent graduate students. Application packet must include two letters of reference.


Duration: The minimum period is six weeks full time, eight weeks part-time. Part-time is 16 hours a week. Internships can last an academic quarter or semester, during which time a student may serve on either a full or part-time basis. Priority during summer is given to those able to do full time.

Students should apply who have an interest in archaeological research, submerged cultural resource management, cultural resource laws and policy, historic preservation, conservation and curation, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), historic and archival research of U.S. Navy ships, aircraft, and maritime artifacts, public outreach, environmental studies, and artifact documentation.


Student seeking degrees in archaeology (terrestrial or nautical), anthropology, conservation, chemistry, collections management, history, public policy, education, geographic information systems, or a closely related field are encouraged to apply.


How to Apply: Technical problems prevent submission of the standard form at this time. Please submit this PDF version. Simply save it to your local drive, fill it in, and then email a copy to, along with an unofficial transcript, professional letter of reference, and writing sample to begin the application process. All four parts must be included in the same email to be considered.  Subject of the email should be “Intern application of (insert your name)”

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but should be summited two months or more before their interested start date.  Applicants who will require a J-1 visa, need to submit their application three months or more before their interested start date.

For more information about the program, email


Examples of Intern Projects the NHHC

1. Collect biographical information on artists represented in the Navy's art collection
2. Prepare background research for World War II exhibits.
3. Design educational activities for future museum programs.
4. Compile bibliography on terrorism.
5. Prepare a catalog of archival sources in the Command relating to U.S.-Soviet naval relations
6. Design alterations to the museum's Navigation exhibit
7. Research and recommend artifacts for an exhibit on Underwater Archaeology.
9. Prepare brochures for specific exhibits in the Museum
10. Assist staff members in preparing a briefing for senior officers on historical lessons 
11. Research Naval Presentation Silver for a forthcoming exhibit.
12. Prepare PowerPoint briefing on the Naval History and Heritage Command
13. Research U.S. Navy Special Operations in Korea and Vietnam
14. Select and scan photos and graphics for Command's Web Site