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Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Whiting, Aviation Section, Officer of the Chief of Naval Operations, to Captain Hutchison I. Cone, Hutchison I. Cone, Commander, Naval Aviaition Force, Foreign Service


Chronological Copy                            File No. <4-5-1>

Cablegram Received <March 8, 1918.> MJK

Origin    Opnav Washington.                     Ser. No. 3622

A1   8-3-18

23 ADR


3622 – For Cone from Whiting. Owing to difficulty of transporting floating hangars to Europe consider it advisable to build towing lighters1 if you wish them. 60 towing lighters now under construction, 30 of these will probably be ready by April 1st and remainder by June first. Some being completed in April and May. A portable self-containing air compressor has been developed that will permit of continuous operation of towing lighters without necessity of using high pressure air tank.-11008


Source Note: Cy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517B.

Footnote 1: A flat-bottomed barge used for transporting people and objects between moored ships and shore.

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