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Vice Admiral Williams S. Sims, Commander, United States Naval Forces Operating in European Waters, to Anne Hitchcock Sims



PARIS                              Thursday, July 26, 1917


Darling Sweetheart:

     Just a wee line to enclose some invitations and a clipping. The latter gives the names of those who attended the conference. You will note that it is stated that I attended for the discussion of all questions except those concerning the Balkans. This is not true.

     The United States was invited to attend the conference but the invitation was declined. They were also invited to have their naval and military representatives attend even if they did not take part. This was also declined!!

     So, of course, I attended only the naval conference (Great Britain, France, Italy and the U.S.). It was very interesting indeed, and I believe will have an important effect.

     The French people appear pathetically grateful to us for coming over to help them. General Pershing1 is more than popular.

     There are many people always in front of this hotel to see the foreign P.D.2 come out and in, and they usually salute.

     The conference was finished this afternoon and we all leave tomorrow at 10 o’clock, and will be in London about 7 P.M.

     I have just come in from the dinner at the Ministry of War, and wont get my duds packed. I did not think we could leave until Saturday. It has been a strenuous time, but I believe a successful one.

     All my love to you and the very precious ones.

Your devoted


Source Note: ALS, DLC-MSS, Williams Sims Papers, Box 9. A file number, “D8048”, appears in the upper left-hand corner.

Footnote 1: Maj. Gen. John J. Pershing, Commander, American Expeditionary Forces.

Footnote 2: A common expression in Sims’ letters to Anne. It means “Persons of Distinction.”