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Appendix J - Inventory of the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library

in Record Group 45

Appendix J

Principle Subdivisions of the Subject File for the Confederate States Navy, 1861-65 (Entry 503)

  A Naval Ships Design, Construction and Repair
AC Construction
AD Design and General Characteristics
AF Fittings and Equipment
AH Hulls
AO Boats (Small)
AR Repair
AS Spars and Rigging
AV Miscellaneous
AX Salvage of Wrecks
AY Purchases, Sales, and Final Disposition of Naval Vessels
  B Ordnance
BA Ammunition
BG Guns and Gunnery
BH Hand Weapons (Cutlasses, Rifles, and Revolvers)
BM Mines and Torpedoes
BO Ordnance Equipment
BR Armor and Armament, General
  D Communication
DC Codes, Cryptography and Censorship
DE Emblems and National Flags
DM Mail
DP Private and Special Signals
DS Signals, General
DT Telegraph and Cable
DV Miscellaneous
DX Courier and Secret Service
  E Engineering
EA Auxiliary Machinery
EB Boilers, Steam
EE Engines (Marine)
EM Machinery Plants in General
EP Propellers and Paddles
  H Battles and Casualties to Ships
HA Engagement with Enemy War Vessels
HC Engagement with Enemy Raiders (and Pirates)
HF Fires, Explosions
HJ Joint Military--Naval Engagements
HL Engagements of Ships and Naval Forces with Land Forces
HV Miscellaneous
  I Instructions
IC Circulars
IG General Orders
IS Special Orders
IV Miscellaneous
  K Nautical Technology and Science
KH Hydrography and Topography, Including Surveying
KL Lighthouses and Other Navigational Aids
KM Meteorology
KN Navigation and Astronomy
  M Medical
MA Administration of Hospitals and Medical Departments
ME Equipment and Supplies (Technical)
MH Health Conditions--General; Hygiene and Sanitation
MK Casualties, Battle, and Accident
ML Personnel, Medical--Training
MM Admissions--Individual Cases
MN Discharges, from Medical Custody--Individual Cases and Deaths
MV Miscellaneous
MX Medical Surveys and Examinations of Individuals
  N Personnel
NA Complements, Rolls, Lists of Persons Service in or With Vessels or Stations
NC Ceremonies, Salutes, Courtesies, Honors
NE Drills, Training and Education
NF Distribution and Transfers
NH Heroic Acts, Commendation, Honors, Memorials, and Medals
NI Promotion and Privileges; Rank; Retirement and Reinstatement
NJ Discipline (Minor) and Minor Delinquencies
NK Technical and Professional Examinations of Individuals
NL Living Conditions and Customs
NN Commissions, Appointments, Applications, Acceptances, Oaths, Resignations, Discharges, and Similar Documents
NO Courts-Martial
NP Pilots
NR Recruiting and Enlistments, Shipping Articles
NU Uniforms, Characteristics
NV Miscellaneous
NZ Desertion and Straggling
  O Operations of Naval Ships and Fleet Units
OD Distribution (General)
OH Shore Operations--Marine, Naval
OI Inspections of Military Efficiency
OJ Joint Military Naval Operations
OL Mobilization and Demobilization
OM Minor Operations
ON Strategy and Tactics
OO Operations of Large Groups of Vessels
OP Pilotage, Port Movements, and Port Changes
OR Chartered Vesselsí Operations
OV Miscellaneous
OX Lines of Supply and Supply Ships (Charter Parties)
  P Bases (Naval) (Including Navy Yards and Stations)
PB Administration of Station
PD Dry Docks (not Docking)
PI Industrial Activity
PL Labor and Civil Personnel
PN Plant
PS Sites and Boundaries
  R Prisoners and Prisons (Including Prison Ships)
RB Prisoners-of-War Rolls and Lists (Hostile Nationals)
RE Release and Exchange, Including Cartel Ships (except Lists)
RL Paroles (except Lists)
RV Miscellaneous
  S Merchant Ships and Commerce
SG Illegal Service, Including Blockade Running, Slave Trade, Piracy, and Smuggling
SN Personnel
SP Privateers and Privateering
SR Registry, Clearance Papers, and Port Charges
SZ Prizes (Merchant Ships) and Private Property
  V Governmental Relationships--Domestic and Foreign
VA Administration and Organization, Navy Department (Internal)
VC National Policy
VD Diplomatic Negotiations, Treaties
VI International Relations and Politics
VN Naval Policy
VU Revenue Cutter, Coast Guard, Lighthouse, Marine Hospital, Life-saving, and Other Maritime Governmental Services--General Policies
VV Miscellaneous
  X Supplies (Including Finance)
XA Accounting and Finance (not Accounts)
XD Claims (except in Prize Cases)
XF Fuel and Water
XN Naval Stores Afloat
XO Clothing and Food
XP Pay, Naval, and Allowance
XS Naval Supplies Ashore
XV Miscellaneous
XZ Prizes, Prize Money, and Prize Sales (Legal and Financial Aspects)
  Y Pensions and Pensioneers
YL Pension Laws and Regulations


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