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Appendix I - Inventory of the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library

in Record Group 45

Appendix I

Principal Subdivisions of the Subject File for the U.S. Navy, (1775-1910) (Entry 502)

  A Naval Ships Design, Construction and Repair, etc.
AC Construction
AD Design and General Characteristics
AF Fittings and Equipment
AH Hulls
AL Laid Up Ships; Condition, Repair, Inspections, etc. (includes "Fitting Out" Status)
AO Boats (Small)
AQ Qualities, Sailing, etc. (including Trial Trips)
AR Repair
AS Spars and Rigging
AV Miscellaneous
AX Salvage of Wrecks, etc.
AY Purchases, Sales, and Final Disposition of Naval Vessels (except Prizes--see XZ, and Merchant Ships--see SY)
  B Ordnance
BA Ammunition
BG Guns and Gunnery
BH Hand Weapons (Cutlasses, Rifles, Revolvers, etc.)
BM Mines and Torpedoes
BO Ordnance Equipment
BR Armor and Armament, General
BV Miscellaneous
  D Communication
DB Books, Signal and Tactical
DC Codes, Cryptography and Censorship
DE Emblems and National Flags
DM Mail
DP Private and Special Signals
DR Radio
DS Signals, General
DT Telegraph and Cable
DV Miscellaneous
DX Courier and Secret Service
  E Engineering
EA Auxialiary Machinery
EB Boilers, Steam
EE Engines (Marine)
EL Electrical Appliances
EM Machinery Plants in General
EP Propellers and Paddles
EV Miscellaneous
  H Battles and Casualties to Ships
HA Engagement with Enemy War Vessels
HB Battle Casualties to Materiel
HC Engagement with Enemy Raiders (and Pirates)
HF Fires, Explosions, etc.
HG Groundings, Strandings, Foundering, etc.
HJ Joint Military-Naval Engagements
HK Collisions
HL Engagements of Ships and Naval Forces with Land Forces (see OH)
HM Merchant Ship Engagements
HP Privateer Engagements (With or Of Enemy)
HV Miscellaneous
HW Wind and Weather Casualties to Materiel
  I Instructions, etc.
IC Circulars
IG General Orders
IO General Court-Martial Orders
IR Regulations
IS Special Orders
IV Miscellaneous
  K Nautical Technology and Science
KH Hydrography and Topography, including Surveying
KL Lighthouses and Other Navigational Aids
KM Meteorology
KN Navigation and Astronomy
KS Seamanship
KV Miscellaneous
  M Medical
MA Administration of Hospitals and Medical Departments
MC Charitable and Pension Admissions to Naval Asylum or Hospital
ME Equipment and Supplies (Technical)
MH Health Conditions, General: Hygiene and Sanitation
MK Casualties, Battle, Accident, etc.
ML Personnel, Medical: Training, etc.
MM Admissions: Individual Cases
MN Discharges, from Medical Custody: Individual Cases and Deaths
MR Routine Health Reports
MS Special Reports, Epidemics, Special Incidents, etc.
MT Treatment, Methods of
MV Miscellaneous
MX Medical Surveys and Examinations of Individuals
  N Personnel
NA Complements, Rolls, Lists of Persons Serving in or With Vessels or Stations
NC Ceremonies, Salutes, Courtesies, Honors, etc.: Military
NE Drills, Training and Education
NF Distribution and Transfers
NH Heroic Acts, Commendation, Honors, Memorials, and Medals
NI Promotion and Privileges, Rank, Retirement, and Reinstatement
NJ Discipline (Minor) and Minor Deliquencies
NK Technical and Professional Examinations of Individuals
NL Living Conditions, Customs, etc.
NN Commissions, Appointments, Applications, Acceptances, Oaths, Resignations, Discharges, and Similar Documents
NO Courts-Martial, etc.
NP Pilots
NR Recruiting and Enlistments, Shipping Articles, etc.
NU Uniforms, Characteristics
NV Miscellaneous
NZ Desertion and Straggling
  O Operations of Naval Ships and Fleet Units
OA Administration and Organization (Internal)
OC Cruises and Voyages (Special)
OD Distribution (General)
OH Shore Operations: Marine, Naval, etc. (except HL)
OI Inspections of Military Efficiency
OJ Joint Military Naval Operations (except HJ)
OL Mobilization and Demobilization
OM Minor Operations
ON Strategy and Tactics
OO Operations of Large Groups of Vessels
OP Pilotage, Port Movements, Port Changes, etc.
OR Chartered Vessels Operations (except Supply Ships--see OX)
OS Shipsí Movements (Record of Arrivals and Departures)
OT Training and Drills (with Ships)
OV Miscellaneous
OX Lines of Supply and Supply Ships (Charter Parties)
  P Bases (Naval) (including Navy Yards and Stations)
PA Rolls (Civil)
PB Administration of Station
PD Dry Docks (Not Docking)
PF Frauds and Irregularities (Civilian)
PI Industrial Activity
PL Labor and Civil Personnel
PM Military
PN Plant
PS Sites and Boundaries
PV Miscellaneous
  R Prisoners and Prisons (including Prison Ships)
RA Prisoners of War Rolls and Lists (U.S. Nationals)
RB Prisoners of War Rolls and Lists (Hostile Nationals)
RE Release and Exchange, including Cartel Ships (except Lists)
RL Paroles (except Lists)
RN Aliens, Civilian, in U.S.
RP Prisons, Shore and Ship
RR Retaliation and Reprisal
RV Miscellaneous (Impressed Seamen)
RX Subsistence, Clothing, and Care
  S Merchant Ships and Commerce
SA Administration (Internal)
SB Design and Construction
SC Commerce, Maritime (General)
SD Distribution
SG Illegal Service, including Blockade Running, Slave Trade, Piracy, Smuggling, etc. (except H and O Papers)
SM Mercantile Businesses
SN Personnel
SO Operations, Voyages, etc.
SP Privateers and Privateering (except HP)
SR Registry, Clearance Papers, Port Charges, etc.
SS Naval Assistance to Merchant Ships (except Political Aspects--see VP)
SV Miscellaneous
SY Purchases and Sales (except for Naval Use--see AX and AY)
SZ Prizes (Merchant Ships and Private Property) (except Legal and Financial Aspects--see XZ)
  V Governmental Relationships--Domestic and Foreign
VA Administration and Organization, Navy Department (Internal)
VC National Policy
VD Diplomatic Negotiations, Treaties, etc.
VI International Relations and Politics
VL Law, International
VM Military Policy
VN Naval Policy
VP Protection of Individuals and Property Abroad
VR Marine Corps: General Policies
VU Revenue Cutter, Coast Guard, Lighthouse, Marine Hospital, Life Saving, and Other Maritime Governmental Services: General Policies
VV Miscellaneous
  X Supplies (including Finance)
XA Accounting and Finance (not Accounts)
XD Claims (except in Prize Cases)
XF Fuel and Water
XN Naval Stores Afloat
XO Clothing and Food
XP Pay, Naval, and Allowance
XS Naval Supplies Ashore
XU Supplies for Naval Department (Internal)
XV Miscellaneous
XZ Prizes, Prize Money, and Prize Sales (Legal and Financial Aspects)
  Y Pensions and Pensioner
YL Pension Laws, Regulations, etc.
  (The "Z" files (Histories) formerly included in this part of the Subject File are now in the custody of the Navy Department Library.)


Navy Subject File, 1911-27 (Entry 520)

A Mining Operations
AC Destruction of Mines
AE English Mining Operations
AF French Mining Operations
AG Enemy Mining Operations
AI Italian Mining Operations
AM Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean Barrages
AN Northern Mine Barrage
AP Mining Operations--Instructions, Plans, and Policies
AU U.S. Mining Operations
AW Warning of Mines
AZ Results Obtained
  B Batteries
BA Army and Navy Cooperation
BE England (U.S. Navy Offer of Batteries to)
BF France (U.S. Naval Battery with French Army)
BN Naval Railway Batteries
BP Plans and Policies
BZ Results Obtained
  C Convoy and Escort
CB Battleship Escorts
CC Cruiser Escorts
CD Subchaser Escorts
CE Destroyer Escorts
CF Patrol Force Escorts
CG Convoy and Escort Groups
CK Coast Guard Escorts
CL Attacks on Convoys
CM Mediterranean Convoys and Escorts
CN Naval Overseas Transportation Service
CO Merchant Ships in Convoy
CP Convoy Plans and Policies
CR Cruiser and Transport Service
CT Troops Escorted, Transported, and Returned
CU U.S. Army Transports and U.S. Army Chartered Transports
CV Violation of Convoy Routes
CX Cross Channel Service
CY Army Coal Trade
CZ Results Obtained (Summaries)
  D Communications
DC Censorship--Cable, Correspondence, and Radio
DE English Communications
DF French Communications
DG Enemy Communications
DH Enemy and Other Interference with U.S. and Allied Communications
DI Italian Communications
DJ Directions for Making and Forwarding Reports
DL Laying, Cutting, and Destroying Cables
DM Mercantile Codes, Ciphers, and Signals
DN Navy Codes, Ciphers, and Signals
DP Organization of U.S. Navy Communications, Policies, and Plans
DW Communication with Aircraft
  E Supply Oil and Coal
EF U.S. Supply Oil--U.S. Ships, and Bases
EG Food, Clothing, and Small Stores
EW Warfare, Ammunition, and Munitions
  F Freedom of the Seas
FB Blockade
  G Naval Aviation
GA Headquarters, U.S. Naval Aviation Forces
   GA-1 Paris
   GA-2 London
   GA-3 Italy
GC Aircraft Constructions, Nomenclature, Numbering
GD Casualties to Aircraft
   GD-1 United States
   GD-2 Allied
   GD-3 Enemy
GE English Air Operations
GF French Air Operations
GG Enemy Air and Intelligence Operations
GH Air Attacks
GI Italian Air Operations
GK Killingholme Project
GN Northern Bombing Group
GP Plans and Policies
GR Requests for Aircraft
GS Airplanes, Model Designation
GU U.S. Air Operations
GZ Results Obtained (Summaries)
  H Engagements with Enemy
HA German Naval Vessels in North Sea
HC Engagements with Enemy Commerce Raiders
HS Sightings (not Actual Engagements)
HU Engagements with Enemy Submarines
HV Increase in U-Boat Warfare
HW Decrease in U-Boat Warfare
HX Warning or Lack of Warning of U-Boat Danger
HZ Results Obtained (Summaries)
  I Instructions, Orders, Regulations, Doctrine and Circular Letters
IA Circular Letters, Routine Despatches, etc.
   IA-1 Secretaryís Office
   IA-2 Naval Operations, Office of
   IA-3 Navigation, Bureau of
   IA-4 Ordnance, Bureau of
   IA-5 Steam Engineering and Engineering, Bureaus of
   IA-6 Aeronautics, Bureau of
   IA-7 Construction and Repair, Bureau of
   IA-8 Yards and Docks, Bureau of
   IA-9 Supplies and Accounts, Bureau of
   IA-10 Medicine and Surgery, Bureau of
   IA-11 U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters
   IA-12 Office of the Judge Advocate General
   IA-13 ALNAV Circulars
   IA-14 ALEUROPE Circulars
   IA-15 ALATLANTIC Fleet Circulars
   IA-16 Atlantic Fleet Circulars
   IA-17 Pacific Fleet Circulars
   IA-18 Asiatic Fleet Circulars
   IA-19 ALFRAN Circulars
   IA-21 Battle Fleet Circulars
   IA-22 Scouting Fleet Circulars
IB Convoy Orders
IC Campaign Orders
   IC-3 Cruiser Force
   IC-4 American Patrol Detachment
   IC-5 Patrol Force Campaign Orders
   IC-6 Destroyer Force
   IC-7 Submarine Force
   IC-9 Train
   IC-10 Submarine Chaser Squadron
   IC-11 Campaign Orders, U.S.S. Melville (Sims)
   IC-12 Campaign Orders, U.S.S. Columbia (Wilson)
ICA Campaign Orders, Pacific Fleet
ICB Campaign Orders, Cuban Navy
ID Cruising Orders, Atlantic Fleet
   ID-7 Submarine Force
IDA Cruising Orders, Pacific Fleet
IE Squadron, Standing, and Station Orders
IF Drill Orders
IH Shipping Board Orders
II Marine Corps Orders
IJ Detachment Orders
IK Hunt Instructions
IL Lights
IM Movement Orders, Atlantic Fleet
   IM-1 Battleship Force One
   IM-2 Battleship Force Two
   IM-4 American Patrol Detachment
   IM-5 Patrol Forces, Movement Orders
   IM-6 Submarine Force
   IM-10 Submarine Chaser Squadron
   IM-11 Marine Transport Detachment
   IM-12 U.S. Naval Missions, Movement Orders
   IM-13 U.S. Naval Detachment in Turkish Waters
   IM-19 U.S. Naval Detachment in Turkish Waters--Movement Orders
IMA Movement Orders, Pacific Fleet
IN Doctrine
   IN-1 U.S. and Allied
IP Operation Orders, Atlantic Fleet
   IP-1 Battleship Force One
   IP-2 Battleship Force Two
   IP-3 Cruiser Force and Special Service Squadron
   IP-4 American Patrol Detachment
   IP-5 Patrol Force
   IP-6 Destroyer Force
   IP-7 Submarine Force
   IP-8 Mine Force
   IP-9 Train
   IP-10 Submarine Chaser Squadron
   IP-11 Transport Force
   IP-12 Melville (Sims)
   IP-14 Air Squadrons
IPA Operation Orders, Pacific Fleet
IPC Operation Orders, U.S. Fleet
IQ Mining Orders
IR Regulations
IS Sailing Orders
   IS-2 Gibraltar
   IS-3 Queenstown
   IS-4 Plymouth
   IS-5 Halifax
   IS-6 Inverness
ISA Pacific Fleet, Sailing Orders
IT Routing Orders and Instructions
IV Instructions Concerning the Right of Visit and Search
IW Enemy Orders
IX Exercise Orders
IY Admiralty Orders
IZ Force Orders
   IZ-3 Cruiser Force
   IZ-5 Patrol Force
   IZ-6 Destroyer Force
   IZ-7 Submarine Force
   IZ-9 Train
   IZ-10 Submarine Chaser Squadron
   IZ-11 Transports
   IZ-12 U.S. Naval Forces Operating in European Waters
ISA Orders, Pacific Fleet
  J U-Boat Campaign (Enemy)
JA Atlantic Area
   JA-1 Eastern Atlantic
   JA-2 Western Atlantic
JB U-Boat Bases
JC U-Boat Construction
JD Description and Characteristics, Armament, etc. of U-Boats
JE Enemy Naval Construction (except U-Boats)
JK Casualties and Losses, Enemy Naval Ships Other than U-Boats
JL U-Boat Losses
JM Mediterranean Area
JN North Sea Area
JO Distribution, Mobilization, Demobilization, and Organization of Enemy Campaign and Submarines
JP Plans and Policies, Enemy Campaign
JR U-Boat Reports (from Enemy Point of View)
JS Activities, Characteristics, and Descriptions of German and Austro-Hungarian Fleets
JT Enemy Navy Ships (Other than U-Boats)
JU U-Boats
JV Violation of Neutral Waters
JY Enemy War Ships Interned or Seized During the War
JZ Results Obtained (Summaries)
  K Forces, U.S. and Allied, Unless Otherwise Specified
KA Shipsí Honors, Marks for War Service and for Sinking an Enemy Submarine
KB Internal Administration and Organization of Ships
KD Distribution of Forces
KM Mobilization of Forces
KN Organization of Forces
KO Demobilization of Forces
KQ Comparison Between Construction and Loss, U.S., Allied, and Neutral
KR Requests for Forces
KS Reports of Ships Movements
KU U.S. Construction
KV Allied Construction
KW Comparison of Construction Companies, Allied and Enemy
  L Strategy and Tactics
LA Camouflage
LP Plans and Policies
LZ Zigzagging
  M Land Military Operations
MA Army Aviation
MD Army Communications
MI Instructions, Orders, Regulations, and Circular Letters
MP Army Operations and Organization--Plans and Policies
MR Red Cross, Y.M.C.A.
  N Personnel (U.S. except when otherwise specified)
NA Personnel, general
   NA-1 Officers, Navy
   NA-2 Officers, Marine Corps
   NA-3 Enlisted Personnel, Navy
   NA-4 Marine Corps Personnel
   NA-5 Allied Navy Personnel
   NA-6 Enemy
NB Misunderstanding, Confusion of Orders, Disobedience of Orders
NC Casualties
   NC-1 U.S. Navy, Officers and Men
   NC-2 Allied Navies, Officers and Men
   NC-3 Neutral Navies, Officers and Men
   NC-4 Enemy Navies, Officers and Men
   NC-5 Non-Combatants, U.S. and Allied Countries
   NC-7 Officers and Crews of Merchant Ships, All Countries
   NC-8 Marine Corps Officers and Men
   NC-9 Loss of U.S. Troops on Transports
ND Demobilization
   ND-1 Officers
   ND-2 Enlisted Men
NE Requests for Personnel
NF Distribution of Forces
   NF-1 U.S. and Allied
NH Heroic Acts, Commendations, Honors, and Medals
   NH-1 General
   NH-2 Individual
   NH-3 Foreign
   NH-3A U.S. Commendations to Foreigners
   NH-3B Foreign Commendations to Americans
   NH-3C Foreign Commendations to Foreigners
NM Mobilization
   NM-1 Officers
   NM-2 Enlisted Men
NO Personal Orders to Officers--Commander, Detachment, and Squadron Commanders
NP Plans and Policies, Naval Officers and Men (U.S. and Allied)
NQ Prisoners of War and Interned Persons, Naval, Military, and Civil
   NQ-1 Miscellaneous
   NQ-2 Allied
   NQ-3 Enemy
  O Operations
OA Operations of Two or More Classes of Navy Ships
OB United States Battleships
OC U.S. Cruisers
OD U.S. Subchasers
OE U.S. Destroyers
OF U.S. Patrol Forces
OH Operations of Naval Auxiliaries (including Tugs, Destroyer Tenders, Submarine Tenders, Colliers, Oilers, Ammunition Ships, Aircraft Carriers, Repair Ships, Store Ships)
OK U.S. Coast Guard
OM U.S. Minelayers and Minesweepers
ON U.S. Submarines
OP Policies and Plans (Operational)
OQ Q-Ships, Mystery Ships, Decoy Ships (U.S. and Allied)
OR Operations, U.S. and Allied in Adriatic
   OR-1 Otranto Barrage
   OR-2 Adriatic
   OR-3 Mediterranean
OS United States Naval Vessels
OT Allied and Neutral Navy Ships
OU Cases of Visit, Search, and Use of Neutral Flags for Privateering
OV Allied and Neutral Navy Shipsí File
OW Atlantic Fleet Reports
OX Pacific Fleet Reports
OY Asiatic Fleet Reports
OZ Results Obtained
  P Naval Bases
P Bizerta
P Bordeau
P Brest
P Cardiff
P Corfu
P Gibraltar
P Invergordon
P Inverness
P LíOrient
P Malta
P Plymouth
P Ponta del Gada
P Queenstown
P Rochefort
P Saint Nazaire
PA Arcacon
PA Berehaven
PA Bolsena
PA Brest
PA Castletownbere
PA Coco Solo
PA Dunkirk
PA Eastleigh
PA Fromentine
PA Guipavas
PA Gujan
PA Ile Tudy
PA Killingholme
PA LíAber Vrach
PA La Pallice
PA La Teste
PA La Trinite
PA Le Croisic
PA Lough Foyle
PA Moutchic
PA Paimbeouf
PA Paulilac
PA Pescara
PA Porto Corsini
PA Queenstown
PA Saint Trojan
PA Tours
PA Treguier
PA Wexford
PA Whiddy Island
   PA-1 Naval Air Bases and Detachments in U.S.
PF Foreign Bases, Naval and Air (not U.S.)
PG Enemy Bases, Naval and Air
PH Base Hospitals (Naval)
PM Four Districts Off French Coast (Cherbourg, Brest, LíOrient, Rochefort)
PN Naval Districts
   PN-1 First Naval District
   PN-2 Second Naval District
   PN-3 Third Naval District
   PN-4 Fourth Naval District
   PN-5 Fifth Naval District
   PN-6 Sixth Naval District
   PN-7 Seventh Naval District
   PN-8 Eight Naval District
   PN-9-10-11 Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Naval Districts
   PN-12 Twelfth Naval District
   PN-13 Thirteenth Naval District
   PN-14 Fourteenth Naval District
   PN-15 Fifteenth Naval District
   PN-16 Sixteenth Naval District
PO Port Officers (U.S. and Allied)
PP Protection of Private Plants Wharves, and Water Fronts, and Plans and Policies for Organization of Bases, Naval and Air
PQ Demobilization of Bases, Naval and Air
PR Staff Representative, U.S. Navy Department (Paris)
PS Outlying Naval Districts
PW Radio or Wireless Stations
  Q Councils, Conferences, Commissions, Boards, and Committees
QA Air Conferences, U.S. and Allied
QC Allied Naval Council, London, Paris, Rome
QF Naval and Military Conference
QH Inter-Allied Naval Committee (Adriatic)
QI International Naval Conference
QL International Labor Conference
QM Allied Conference on Mediterranean Mine Laying
QN Allied Naval Armistice Commissions
QQ Other Councils, Boards, Conferences, Commissions, etc.
QR Allied and Inter-Allied Radio Commission and Conferences
QS Inter-Allied Signal Conference
QW Supreme War Council
QY London and Other Conferences
  R Casualties to Ships
RA U.S. Navy Ships
RB U.S. Merchant Ships
RC Collisions
RD Contact with Mines
RE Explosions and Fires
RG Groundings, Naval and Merchant
RM Mistaken Attacks
RN Allied Naval Ships (Casualties to)
RP Allied Merchant Ships
RR Neutral Navy and Merchant Ships
RS Foreign Merchant Ships and Sailing Vessels Sunk by Subs and Mines in the Atlantic and Mediterranean During the War
RT Salvage
RV Enemy Navy and Merchant Ships
RW Wrecks
RX Disappearances
RY Miscellaneous Accidents
RZ Casualties to Ships of All Countries, Navy and Merchant (when mentioned in the same paper)
  S Ships (Merchant)
SA Armed Guard Reports
   SA-1 Naval Port Guard
SC American, Allied, and Neutral Merchant Ships
SD Merchant Vessels ( A list of vessels is available.)
SE Enemy Merchant Ships
SG U.S. Merchant Construction
SH Allied and Neutral Merchant Construction
SI Enemy Construction (Merchant)
SK Comparison Between U.S. and Allied Merchant Construction and Loss
SN Neutral Merchant Ships Commandeered
SO American and Allied Ships Taken Over for Government Use
SP Plans and Policies for American, Allied, and Neutral Merchant Ships (including Arming Of, Taking Over from Owners, etc.)
SR Enemy Merchant Ships Interned or Seized During War
ST Prizes of War
SY Pershingís Fleet and Other Armed Guard Merchantmen in Army Service
SZ Results Obtained (Summaries)
  T London Headquarters
TA Force Commanderís General Reports
TB Force Commanderís General Bulletins
TC Force Commanderís Circular Letters
TD Admiral Simsí Personal File
TE Force Commanderís Telegrams
TF Force Instructions
TG Force Commanderís Daily and Weekly Memoranda
TH Force Commanderís Daily Conferences with Admiralty
TI Force Commanderís Information Bulletins
TJ Force Commanderís Intelligence Memoranda
TL Organization, Administration, etc., of London Headquarters
TM Force Commanderís Monthly Bulletins
TO Force Commanderís Office Memoranda
TP General Plans and Naval Policies, U.S. and Other Navies
TS Force Commanderís Staff Memoranda
TT Joint Arrangements, U.S. and Other Navies
TV Joint Arrangements, U.S. Army and Navy
TX Planning Section
  U Navy Department
UB Admiral Bensonís Personal File
UD Broad Questions Arising Between the Navy Department and Other Departments
UE Broad Questions Arising Between the Navy Department and Allied Governments
UF Questions Arising Between the Navy Department and All the Shipping Board including the Emergency Fleet Corporation
UG Questions Arising Between Outside Bureaus and Offices Other than Shipping Board
UH Questions Arising Between Navy Department and Private Owners of Ships; Between Navy Departments and Corporations Owning Shipyards and Docks
UP Plans and Policies, U.S. Naval Forces
  V Diplomatic Aspects
VA Armistice
VB Threatened Severance of Diplomatic Relations
VC Declaration of War or Severance of Diplomatic Relations
VD Disposition of Enemy Warships After the Armistice
VE Enemy Merchant Ships Surrendered After the Armistice
VL League of Nations
VM Missions To and From the United States
VO Mandates
VP Diplomatic Policies and Plans including Peace Plans
   VP-1 Pre-war
   VP-2 During War
   VP-3 Peace
VT Treaties
VV Official Visits
VW Courtesies Exchanged, Salutes Exchanges, Expressions of Sympathy
  W War Situation
WA Allied Countries and Their Possessions
   WA-1 Two or More Allied Countries
   WA-2 England
   WA-3 France
   WA-4 Italy
   WA-5 Japan
   WA-6 Russia
   WA-7 Allied Countries Not Otherwise Specified
WE Neutral Countries and Their Possessions
   WE-1 Two or More Neutral Countries
   WE-2 Denmark
   WE-3 Holland
   WE-5 Mexico
   WE-6 Norway
   WE-7 Spain
   WE-8 Sweden
   WE-9 Switzerland
   WE-10 Neutral Countries Not Otherwise Specified
WF Pacific Islands
   WF-1 Caribbean Countries
WG Enemy Countries
WJ Adriatic Situation, Yugoslavia, and Yugoslav Waters
WP Enemy Plotting in Associated, Allied, and Neutral Countries, and Persons Suspected of Aiding the Enemy
WR War Expenditures
WS Speeches, Statements, etc.
WT Turkey
WU U.S. Government
   WU-1 U.S. Internal Situation
   WU-2 U.S. Government, Policies, and Plans and Acts, Before, During, and After the War
WV Value of the U.S. in the War
WW War Sea Areas
WW-1 Defensive Sea Areas as Defined by the United States
WW-2 War Zones as Defined by the Enemy
WX Intelligence Service and Publications
   WX-1 United States
   WX-2 Great Britain
   WX-3 France
   WX-4 Italy
   WX-5 Enemy
   WX-6 Allied
   WX-7 Neutrals
   WX-8 Central America
WY Intelligence Services of Allied and Neutral Countries
WZ Cooperation or Lack of Cooperation Between Intelligence Services, All Countries
  Y Naval Pipe Line
  Z Histories
ZA Mining Operations
   ZAG Enemy Mining Operations
   ZAN Northern Mine Barrage
   ZAU United States Mining Operations Not Otherwise Specified
   ZAW Warning of Mines
ZB Batteries
   ZBN Naval Railway Batteries
ZC Convoy and Escort
   ZCG Groups of Convoys
   ZCM Mediterranean Convoy and Escort
   ZCN Naval Overseas Transportation Service
   ZCO Merchant Ships Convoyed or Escorted
   ZCP Mercantile Convoy Organization
   ZCR Cruiser and Transport Service
   ZCT Troops Escorted, Transported, and Returned
   ZCY Army Coal Trade
ZD Communications
   ZDG Enemy Communications
   ZDN Navy Codes, Ciphers, and Signals
   ZDP Organization of U.S. Navy Communications
ZG Naval Aviation
   ZGE English Air Operations
   ZGG Enemy Air Operations
   ZGH Air Attacks (All Countries on Land or Sea)
   ZGN Northern Bombing Group
   ZGU U.S. Air Operations Not Otherwise Specified
   ZIR Regulations
ZJ U-Boat Campaign and Enemy Navy Ships
   ZJA-2 Western Atlantic
   ZJN North Sea Area
   ZJR U-Boat Reports
   ZJS Enemy Naval Ships Other Than U-Boats, Description, Characteristics, and Reports
   ZJT Enemy Naval Ships Other Than U-Boats
ZK Forces, U.S. and Allied (unless Otherwise Specified)
ZL Strategy and Tactics
   ZLA Anti-Submarine and Other Enemy Ships
ZM Land Military Operations
   ZMA Army Aviation
ZN Personnel
   ZNA Officers and Enlisted Men, Navy and Marine Corps, Regulars and Reserves, Allied and Enemy
   ZNC Casualties
   ZNH Heroic Acts, Commendations, Honors, and Awards
   ZNQ Prisoners of War and Interned Persons, Naval, Military and Civil
ZO Operations of Naval Ships
   ZOB U.S. Battleships
   ZOD U.S. Subchasers
   ZOE U.S. Destroyers
   ZOF U.S. Patrol Force
   ZOH U.S. Naval Auxiliaries
   ZOK U.S. Coast Guard
   ZOM U.S. Minelayers and Minesweepers
   ZON U.S. Submarines
   ZOQ Q-Ships, Mystery Ships, Decoy Ships, U.S. and Allied
   ZOR U.S. and Allied Operations on the Otranto Barrage, in the Adriatic and Mediterranean
   ZOS Battles
   ZOT Allied and Neutral Navy Ships
   ZOW Atlantic Fleet
   ZOX Pacific Fleet
   ZOY Asiatic Fleet
   ZOZ Results Obtained
ZP Bases
   ZPA Air Bases (Naval)
   ZPF Foreign Bases, Naval and Air, not U.S.
   ZPH Base Hospitals (Naval)
   ZPN Naval Districts, Organization and Activities of
   ZPN-1 1st Naval District
   ZPN-2 2nd Naval District
   ZPN-3 3rd Naval District
   ZPN-4 4th Naval District
   ZPN-5 5th Naval District
   ZPN-6 6th Naval District
   ZPN-7 7th Naval District
   ZPN-8 8th Naval District
   ZPN-9 9th, 10th, and 11th Naval Districts
   ZPN-12 12th Naval District
   ZPN-13 13th Naval District
   ZPN-14 14th Naval District
   ZPN-15 15th Naval District
   ZPN-16 16th Naval District
   ZPO Port Offices, U.S. and Abroad
   ZPS Outlying Naval Districts
   ZPW Radio or Wireless Stations
ZQ Joint Naval Councils, Conferences, and Commissions
   ZQA Air Conference, U.S. and Allied
   ZQR Miscellaneous Councils on Communications, Radio, Wireless, etc.
   ZQT Organization and Operation of Salvage Division in European Waters--Historical Section Narrative Relative to
   ZRN Allied Navy Ships
   ZRT Salvage
ZS Merchant Ships (U.S. Unless Otherwise Specified)
   ZSA Armed Guard Reports
ZT London Headquarters
   ZTL Organization, Administration, etc.
   ZTV Joint Arrangements, U.S. Army and Navy
   ZTX Planning Section
ZU Navy Department
ZV Diplomatic Aspect
   ZVA Armistice Story: Armistice Notes (War Diary)
   ZVC Declaration of War or Severance of Diplomatic Relations
   ZVD Enemy War Ships Surrendered After the Armistice and Final Disposition Of
ZW War Situation
   ZWA-2 England
   ZWA-3 France
   ZWA-4 Italy
   ZWA-6 Russia
   ZWA-7 Allied Countries Not Otherwise Specified
   ZWE Neutral Countries and Their Possessions
   ZWE-3 Holland
   ZWE-10 Neutral Countries Not Otherwise Specified
   ZWG Enemy Countries
   ZWJ Adriatic Situation, Jugo-Slavia and Jugo-Slav Waters
   ZWT Turkey
   ZWX U.S. Intelligence Service and Publications in All Countries
ZY Naval Pipe Line
ZZ History


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