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VACCINE -- India

VAGABOND -- Marcus Island, Pacific Ocean

VAMPIRE -- Emeline Bay, New Britain

VANGUARD -- Plan for the capture of Rangoon, Burma (canceled; DRACULA substituted)

VANQUISHER -- Luzon Strait, P.I.

VARNISH -- Sawar Airfield, New Guinea

VARSITY -- Airborne operation to secure bridgehead on east bank of Rhine River between Emmerich and Wesel

VARSITY I -- Bikati Island, Marshall Islands

VAULT -- Great Natoena Island, South China Sea

VAULT -- Plan for peaceful occupation of the Azores (canceled)

VELOCIPEDE -- Code name for U.S. Army Air Depots, British Isles

VELUM -- U.S. Coast Defense project for Venezuela

VENTRILOQUIST -- Adak Island, Aleutian Islands

VENUS -- Mt. Lotomgan, New Britain

VERB -- Midway Island, Pacific Ocean

VERBATIM -- Banda Sea, N.E.I.

VERITABLE -- Offensive by Northern Group of armies to cross the Rhine River

VERMILION -- Bermuda

VERMONT -- Banda Sea, N.E.I.

VERULAM -- Tongatabu Island, Tonga Islands

VESTMENT -- Mesegon Island, Caroline Islands

VETCH -- Bandoeng, Java

VICARAGE -- Project to drop airborne prisoner-of-war contact and reconnaissance teams into Germany under ECLIPSE conditions

VICTOR -- Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic Ocean

VICTOR -- Landings in Philippines

VICTOR I -- Landings on Panay and Western Negros

VICTOR II -- Landings on Cebu, Bohol, and Eastern Negros

VICTOR III -- Landings on Palawan

VICTOR IV -- Landings on Zambuanga

VICTOR V -- Landings on Parang and Malabang

VINEGAR -- Simiutakstromfjord, Greenland

VINEYARD -- Hong Kong, China

VINTNER -- Otta Island, Truk, Caroline Islands

VIOLA -- Kendari, Celebes, N.E.I. (canceled; CRUSTACEAN substitued)

VIOLA -- Malaita Island, Solomon Islands

VIOLET -- Balikpapan, Borneo

VIOLINS -- Cuyo Pass (West), P.I.

VIRAGO -- Jugoslavia [Yugoslavia]

VIRTUOSO -- Bahama Islands

VIRULENT -- Rongelap Atoll, Marshall Islands

VISIONARY -- Chichi Jima, Japan

VIVISECTION -- Moosonee, Canada

VOCALIST -- Yap Islands, Caroline Islands

VOLCANO -- Losap Island, Caroline Islands

VOLITION -- Faleu Island, Truk, Caroline Islands

VOLUBLE -- Shemya Island, Aleutian Islands

VORTEX -- St. Michael, Alaska

VOTER -- Mindanao, P.I.

VOWEL -- Ollan Island, Truk, Caroline Islands

VULPINE -- Salerno, Italy

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