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NABOB -- Northern Ireland

NANTYDERRY -- Bordeaux, France

NAPKIN -- Keuea Village, Gilbert Islands

NAPOLEON -- Dover counterinvasion measures (30 June 1940) (G.B.)

NARCISSUS -- Palix River, New Britain

NARCOTIC -- Rumut Passage, New Britain

NASAL -- Burma Road, Burma-China

NATCHEZ -- Senla, New Britain

NATIVE -- New Guinea Force

NAUGHTY -- Alimbit River, New Britain

NAUSEATE -- Kapoli River, New Britain

NAVAJO -- Cape Aulop, New Britain

NEARHAND -- Mangrove Island, New Britain

NECKERCHIEF -- Kaka River, New Georgia, Solomon Islands

NECROMANCER -- Sepik River, New Guinea

NECTAR -- Paligmete, New Britain

NEIGHBOR -- Natal, Brazil

NEMESIS -- Kumbun Island, New Britain

NEOPHYTE -- Molua, New Britain

NEPTUNE -- Actual operations within OVERLORD to be used instead of OVERLORD only in communications and documents which disclose directly or by interence (a) target area, (b) precise dates of assaults, (c) the total scale of assaults

NEPTUNE -- Embarkation of members of French General Giraud's staff off River Var, near Nice, South France (7-8 November 1942)

NERVOUS -- Arowak Island, New Britain

NESTEGG -- Occupation of Channel Islands either after surrender of local German garrison or after evacuation of islands by Germans

NESTEGG -- Pru River, New Britain

NEUROTIC -- Olapum, New Britain

NEWBIGGIN -- Guernsey Island, English Channel

NEWCOMER -- Sorong, New Guinea

NEW HAVEN -- Yamai, New Guinea

NEWINGTON -- Brittany, France

NEWLANDS -- Cherbourg-Querqueville, France

NEWSPAPER -- Gaho River, New Britain

NIBLICK -- Oran, Algeria

NICETY -- Riff Point, New Britain

NICK ISLAND -- Entrance Island, Solomon Islands

NIGHTINGALE -- Vessi Islet, New Britain

NIGHTMARE -- South Coast, Mindanao, P.I.

NIGHTOUT -- Latakia, Syria

NIGHTSTICKER -- Khabarovsk, U.S.S.R.

NILE -- American Mission, Salinas, Ecuador

NIMBUS -- Nukuoro Island, Caroline Islands

NIPPLE -- Magulata Point, Trobriand Island

NIPPLE -- Schaumann Island, New Britain

NIRVANA -- Manila, P.I.

NISI -- Camocim, Brazil

NOAH -- Joint Army-Navy directive for the defense of Iceland and Greenland

NOAHSARK -- Liapo, New Britain

NOBALL -- Attacks against rocket launching sites

NOGGIN -- Bulu-Daba, New Britain

NOISELESS -- Tanahmerah Bay, New Guinea

NONCONFORMIST -- Buna, New Guinea

NONSTOP -- Redeployment of U.S. Forces following the defeat of Germany

NONSTOP -- Ruango, New Britain

NOONTIDE -- Waisisi, New Britain

NORMAN -- Capture of Corsica and Sardinia (9 September 1943)

NORTHPOLE -- Vitu Islands, Bismarck Archipelago

NOSEBAG -- Geraldton, Australia

NOSERING -- Sarmi, New Guinea

NOTEBOOK -- Buildup of the Air Transport Route to China

NOUGAT -- Haiphong, China

NUBBIN -- Sul River, New Britain

NUCLEUS -- Boimagi Island, Trobriand Island

NUMBSKULL -- Kapiura River, New Britain

NUTCRACKER -- Panama Canal

NUTCRACKER -- Sosoli, New Britain

NUTPINE -- Corregidor, P.I.

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