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GABBLE -- Jolo Island, P.I.

GABERDINE -- Hall Islands, Line Islands

GABION -- Amun, New Guinea

GABLE -- Aumo, New Britain

GADABOUT -- Chittagong, Burma

GADFLY -- Cape Pasuwati, New Britain

GALAHAD -- American long range penetration units for operations in Burma

GALLIVANT -- Salala, Oman

GALLOOPER -- British Force, Iceland

GALOOT -- Lapalam, New Britain

GALVANIC -- Plans for operations to capture, occupy, defend and develop bases in the Gilbert Islands and Nauru (November 1943)

GAMEKEEPER -- Anchorage, Alaska

GAMMA -- Raulili, New Britain

GAMMA -- Salinas, Ecuador

GANDER -- Oum River, New Britain

GANDER -- Party landed on the Island of Castelorizo in the Aegean Sea in order to take advantage of the Italian Armistice before the Germans could take control (9-10 August 1943)

GANGRENE -- Thompson's Creek, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]


GARDEN -- Jolo Passage (East), P.I.

GARGANTUAN -- Manam Island, New Guinea

GARGLE -- Makassar City, Celebes, N.E.I.

GARLIC -- Madau Plantation, Trobriand Island

GARWAY -- Movement of troops to and from Cyprus (23 July 1944)

GASKET -- Sia Island, Trobriand

GASTRONOMY -- Schouten Islands, New Guinea

GATEWAY -- Marianas Islands

GAUCHE -- Busaka, New Guinea

GAUCHO -- Pucio Point, Panay Island, P.I.

GAUDY -- Port of Spain, B.W.I.

GAUNTLET -- Destruction of facilities in Spitzbergen and removal of Russian inhabitants to Archangel, U.S.S.R. and Norwegians to United Kingdom (27 August 1941) (G.B.)

GEISHA -- Derby, Australia

GELATIN -- Inungapun River, New Britain

GENDER -- Kesamola, New Britain

GENEVIEVE -- Patnai, Normanby Island

GENOA -- Nalvovo, New Britain

GENTLE -- Aviklo, New Britain

GEOFREY -- Umtingalu, New Britain

GEOLOGIST -- MacCluer Gulf, New Guinea

GERMICIDE -- Central Africa

GERUND -- Gusap River, New Guinea

GETUP -- Digi Creek, New Guinea

GHERKIN -- Asar, New Britain

GHETTO -- Melokopula, New Britain

GIBBON -- Control surrender of Italian warships and merchant ships at the time of Armistice with Italy (8 September 1943)

GIBRALTAR -- Faiguruf, New Guinea

GIFT -- Johnston Island, Pacific Ocean

GIGGLE -- Omoi River, New Britain

GILBEY -- Davao Gulf, P.I.

GILLETTE -- Aden, Arabia

GIMLET -- Tetling, Alaska

GINGER -- Goodenough, New Guinea

GIRAFFE -- Marklo, New Britain

GIRDLE -- Peter Harbor, New Britain

GLACIER -- Air operations from the north against Japan

GLAMIS -- Deauville, France

GLAND -- Bagen, New Guinea

GLEASON -- Amgem River, New Britain

GLENDALE -- Bulgaria

GLOBETROTTER -- Capture of Cape Sansapor, Dutch New Guinea (30-31 July 1944)

GLORIA -- El River, New Britain

GLOVE -- Pulo Cecie de Mir, French Indo China

GLOVER -- Nunglo, New Britain

GLOW -- Rendova Island, Solomon Islands

GLOWWORM -- Piaanu Pass, Truk, Caroline Islands

GLYPTIC -- Premier Joseph Stalin

GNATS -- Sibutu Passage, P.I.

GNOSTIC -- Daril Creek, New Guinea

GOALPOST -- Port Lyautey, French Morocco

GOBLET -- Operations against Crotone Area, Italy

GOCART -- Asiet, New Guinea

GOGMAGOG -- Waigeo Island, New Guinea

GOLD -- D-Day Beaches (Europe)

GOLDBERG -- Mt. Langla, New Britain

GOLDBRICK -- Mt. Talawe, New Britain

GOLDEN -- Pucio Point, Panay Island, P.I.

GOLDENBOUGH -- Sorong, New Guinea

GOLDFISH -- France

GOLDFLAKE -- Outward move of Allied formations from Italy to France

GOLDSTICK -- San Miguel, Azores

GOLDWIN -- Atua, New Britain

GOLLIWOG -- Fighting French

GOOBER -- Dadbur River, New Guinea

GOODGAME -- St. Helena Island, Atlantic Ocean

GOODMAN -- Lakei Island, New Britain

GOODRICH -- Garowe Island, Bismarck Archipelago

GOODTIME -- Treasury Island, Solomon Islands

GOOSE -- Cape Natoka, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

GOOSEBERRY -- Artificial harbor for landing craft in shallow water


GOOTCH -- Monga, New Britain

GOSSIPMONGER -- Talaud Island, N.E.I.

GRACE -- Cape Endaiadere, New Guinea

GRAMMAR -- Urukthapel Island, Palau Islands

GRANDDAD -- Kropan, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

GRANDE -- Montevideo, Uruguay

GRANDPA -- Gurisau (Gurissu), New Britain

GRANDSTAND -- Papua Bay, New Guyinea

GRANITE -- Central Pacific Campaign, 1944

GRANNY -- Manila, P.I.

GRANNY -- Moro Gulf, P.I.

GRAPESHOT -- 15th Army Group spring offensive designed to destroy German forces in Italy

GRASS -- Berande Point, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands


GRASSHOPPER -- Simban, New Guinea

GRATING -- Mombasa, Kenya, Africa

GRAVEYARD -- Louisa Harbor, Trobriand

GRAY -- Azores

GREEK -- San Bernardino, P.I.

GREEN -- Mexico

GREENSPRING -- Lulakuvi, New Britain

GREENWOOD -- Durazzo, Albania

GRENADE -- Operation by the 9th Army in northeasterly direction

GREW -- Australia

GREYHOUND -- Borgen Bay, New Britain

GRINDSTONE -- Lolobata Airdrome, Halmahera Island, N.E.I.

GRINDSTONE -- Mokmer, New Guinea


GRITS -- Kapuluk River, New Britain

GROSBEAK -- Shinchiku, Formosa

GROUNDHOG -- Nowra, New South Wales, Australia

GROUNDSMAN -- Cape Sudest, New Guinea

GRUMPY -- Balboa, C.Z.

GUAVA -- Daumie Island, Solomon Islands

GUILD -- Agulupella, New Britain

GUILDHALL -- Aikon Hamlet, New Britain

GULLCRY -- Palau Island, Palau Islands

GUMDROP -- Christmas Island, Line Islands

GUNMAN -- Galena, Alaska

GUNMETAL -- Messina, Sicily

GUNROOM -- Gander Lake, Newfoundland

GUNSMITH -- Torres Strait, Australia

GYMNAST -- Early planning for operations in Northwest Africa


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