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FABER -- Potsaken River, New Britain

FABIAN -- Dekays Bay, New Guinea

FABIUS -- Amphibious Landing Exercise

FABIUS III -- Exercise for berthing, loading and sailing of assault forces in Portsmouth Command (2-5 May 1944)

FABULOUS -- Kautaga Island, New Britain

FACTOR -- Ailinglapalap Atoll, Marshall Islands

FACTORIAL -- Unmak Island, Aleutian Islands

FACTOTUM -- Tongareva (Penrhyn) Island, Pacific Ocean

FADDY -- Damoin, New Guinea

FAIRWAY -- Ritter Island, New Britain

FAIRY -- Kiambo, New Britain

FAITH -- Sag Sag Anglican Mission, P.I.

FAKE -- Bora Bora Island, Society Islands

FALLRIVER -- Milne Bay, New Guinea

FALSEHOOD -- Tinian, Marianas Islands

FALSTAFF -- Kambili, New Britain

FAMINE -- Volupai Point, New Britain

FANCY -- Hela Point, New Britain

FANFARE -- All general preparations for HUSKY

FANFARE -- Armored Task Force Middle East

FANTAN -- Fiji Islands

FANTAN ONE -- Nandi, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

FANTAN TWO -- Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

FARES -- Amchitka, Aleutian Islands

FARMHAND -- Rano Plantation, New Britain

FARRAGO -- Ajaccio, Corsica

FARTHERPOINT -- Magamo, Dutch New Guinea

FASCISM -- Sivia Gila, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

FASCIST -- Oran, Algeria

FASHION -- House Fireman Beach, New Britain

FATSTUFF -- Au River, New Britain

FEARSOME -- Halmahera Island, N.E.I.

FEATHER -- Bawean Island, N.E.I.

FEATHERWEIGHT -- Merauke, New Guinea

FEATURE -- Malalia, New Britain

FEDERAL -- Mio, New Britain

FEDERATION -- Dampier Straits, New Guinea

FEDORA -- Kabamata, New Britain

FEEBLE -- Hainan Strait, China

FEEDBAG -- Cape Heussner, New Britain

FELSPAR -- Shemya Island, Aleutian Islands

FENDER -- Dabanma, New Guinea

FEODARY -- Germalei, New Guinea

FERDY -- Landing made in the Vilo Valentia area, Italy (8 September 1943)

FERMENT -- Teller, Alaska

FERN -- Cape Esperance, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

FESTER -- Koimumu, New Britain

FESTIVE -- Tukwauuka, Trobriand Island

FESTOON -- Suloga Peak, New Guinea

FESTOONERY -- Rangoon, Burma

FETLOCK -- Funafuti, Ellice Islands

FETTLE -- Building up India as a base

FEUDAL -- Guarak, New Guinea

FIDDLESTICK -- Vogelkop, New Guinea

FIENDISH -- Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands

FIG -- Fulau Island, Solomon Islands

FILBERT -- Russell Islands, Solomon Islands

FILLET -- Maleolap, Marshall Islands

FINANCE -- Malta

FINANCIER -- Mapia Island, Pacific Ocean

FINGERPRINT -- Terceira, Azores

FINICULA -- Aima River, New Britain

FINKELSTEIN -- Kiwok Island, New Britain

FIREARM -- Kiska Island, Aleutian Islands

FIREBRAND -- Operations against Corsica

FIREBREAK -- Defense of U.S. West Coast against CV raids

FIREPLACE -- Occupation of Adak Island, Aleutian Islands, at Rulah Bay and construction of airfield

FIRESIDE -- Pearl Harbor, T.H.

FIREWORKS -- Oyamba, Solomon Islands

FIRMAMENT -- Karafuto Island, Japan

FIRST CULVERIN -- Operation against Northern Sumatra, N.E.I.

FISHNET -- Bismarck , Admiralty, North New Guinea operations

FISHTAIL -- Gig, New Guinea

FISHTRAP -- Cape Prince Of Wales, Alaska

FISTULA -- Boagis Bay, Trobriand Island

FLAGMAN -- Tapiantana Passage, P.I.

FLAGON -- Ogliuga Island, Aleutian Islands

FLAGRANT -- Mogadiscio, Italian Somaliland

FLAPJACK -- Mt. Penga, Java, N.E.I.

FLAPPER -- El Fasher, Sudan

FLASHY -- Egum Island, New Guinea

FLATBUSH -- Vila Airfield, Solomon Islands

FLATCATCHER -- Tarakan, Borneo

FLATFOOT -- Ruakana, New Britain

FLETCHER -- Avahain Island, New Britain

FLINTLOCK -- Operations on Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls, Marshall Islands (February 1944)

FLIVER -- Fonseca, Nicaragua

FLOAT -- Plan of action to be taken by OSS/SOE to hamper enemy troop movements to a depth of 200 miles from the south coast of France

FLOODED -- Shimpo, Formosa

FLOODTIDE -- Publir, New Britain

FLOTSAM -- Kwiguk, Alaska

FLONCED -- Japen Island, New Guinea

FLOUNDER -- East Coast Surigao, P.I.

FLOWER -- Kakia Island, Solomon Islands

FLURRY -- Ormed Island, Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands

FLUX -- New Zealand

FLYING FISH -- Tunis, Tunisia

FODDER -- Apo Island, New Guinea

FOGBOUND -- Biliku Island, New Britain

FOLD -- Tulagi, Solomon Islands

FOLLY -- Rawlings Point, New Guinea

FOMENT -- Point Hope, Alaska

FOOTLIGHTS -- Blockade of the French West Indies

FOOTMAN -- Cocos Island, Costa Rica

FORAGER -- Capture of Marianas Islands (June 1944)

FORCEFUL -- Aurapushekaru Island, Palau Islands

FORCEPS -- South Pass, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

FOREARM -- Kavieng, New Ireland

FOREDOOM -- Kawasaki, Japan

FOREMOST -- Concentration of submarines on the Norwegian coast agains the German BB Tirpitz (20 March 1944)

FORERUNNER -- Zamboanga, P.I.

FORFAR-HOW -- Attempted landing at Quend Plage, France (3-4 August 1943)

FORFAR-ITEM -- Landing in vicinity of Point d'Ailly, French Coast (2-3 September 1943)

FORFAR-LOVE -- Landing north of Dunkirk, France (4 August 1943)

FORK -- Landing of Battalion of Royal Marines in Iceland from Greenock (7-17 May 1940) (G.B.)

FORMULA -- Amchitka Island, Aleutian Islands

FORMULATE -- Angup Island, New Britain

FORSOOTH -- Brisbane, Australia

FORTITUDE -- Analo, New Britain

FORTUNE -- Planning Group Force located near Ecole Normale near Algiers (12 July 1943)

FOSDICK -- Kavieng, New Guinea

FOSSIL -- Leghorn, Italy

FOUNTAIN -- Aineman Island, Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands

FOURFOLD -- General of the Army George C. Marshall, USA

FOURSQUARE -- Panama, C.Z.

FOXTON -- Heel of Italy

FOXTROT -- Takaradi, Africa

FRACTION -- Nakajima, Ota, Japan

FRAGILE -- Engebi Island, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands

FRANCIS -- Poi Island, New Britain


FRANKFURTER -- Agur Island, New Britain

FRANKTON -- Combined operation landing from canoes carried in H.M.S./M Tun at mouth of Gironde River, France with object to destroy enemy shipping (11-12 December 1942) (G.B.)

FRANTIC -- England to Russia air shuttle bombing operations

FREECAR -- Cruiser and air patrols in the Atlantic Narrows (27 December 1943)

FREEKICK -- Nabire, New Guinea

FRENCHMAN -- Sigul River, New Britain

FRETWORK -- Plan for reduction of U.S. Army forces in Japan and Korea

FRICTION -- Kikae (Kikaiga) Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

FRIGIDAIRE -- Bougainville Island, Solomon Islands

FRISKY -- Magipun Passage, New Britain

FROG -- Kukum, Solomon Islands

FROSTBITE -- U.S. Navy CV operation in Arctic (1946)

FRUITCAKE -- Kawasaki, Kaga Hara, Japan

FRUITION -- Upmandung, New Britain

FUDDLE -- Followed by name of target (e.g. Fuddle Wake) denotes a hit and run strike on the designated target

FULCRUM -- Auckland, New Zealand

FULLBACK -- Palestine

FULLCRY -- Palau Islands, Caroline Islands

FULLSIZE -- Messina, Sicily

FUME -- Canberra, Australia

FUNDAMENTAL -- Giran, Formosa

FUNERAL -- Wanri, Formosa

FUNNYBONE -- Kamiri, Noemfoor Island, New Guinea

FURIOUS -- Nakajima Koizumi, Japan

FURNACE -- Cagayan Island, P.I.

FUSILIER -- Blockade of French Guiana

FUSILLIER -- Sape Strait, Lesser Sundas


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