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General Order No. 47 (13 May 1935)

Precedence of Forces in Parades

No. 47

Washington, D.C., May 13, 1935.


1. In parades of forces which include United States troops the order of precedence will be as follows:

(a) Cadets, United States Military Academy.
(b) Midshipmen, United States Naval Academy.
(c) Cadets, United states Coast Guard.
(d) Regular Army.
(e) United States Marines.
(f) United States Navy.
(g) United States Coast Guard.
(h) National Guard organizations which have been federally recognized.
(i) Marine Corps Reserve.
(j) Naval Reserve.
(k) Other organizations of the Organized Reserved, National Guard, Naval Militia, Reserve Officers Training Corps and other training units in the order prescribed by the grand marshal of the parade.
(l) Veterans and patriotic organizations in the order prescribed by the grand marshal of the parade.

2. The grand marshal and his staff will in all cases lead the parade. A detachment of police or special force may be assigned to precede the grand marshal for the purpose of clearing the line march.

3. (a) When foreign troops are invited to participate in parades within the Territorial jurisdiction of the United States, they will be assigned a position of honor ahead of United States troops, and next after the grand marshal and his staff, except that a small detachment of United States troops will immediately precede the foreign troops as a guard of honor.

(b) On occasions when troops of two or more foreign nations participate the order of precedence among them will be determined by the grand marshal in accordance with the one of the following methods which he deems appropriate.

(c) When the parade or exercise is in honor of a particular nation, as, for example, in the celebration of the national holidays of that nation, the troops of such nation should be assigned a position in the line ahead of all others.

(d) Except as provided in (c), the order of precedence among foreign troops will normally be fixed by

(1) The relative ranks of the commanders of the forces from which the parade detachments are drawn, but in cases where this method is not applicable, it may be fixed by

(2) The relative ranks of the commanders of parade detachments; or

(3) The alphabetical order in the English language of name of the nations concerned.

Secretary of the Navy

Published: Mon Mar 21 07:15:29 EDT 2016