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Authority Given to Fleet Officers: General Order No. 99, 11 March 1869

Navy Department,
Washington, March 11, 1869.

[Authority Given to Fleet Officers]

There seems to be some misconception on the part of commanders of squadrons in relation to the authority to be given to fleet officers.

Commanders of squadrons will give those officers under their command the following directions:

Fleet officers will have no other authority than that conferred by the regulations of the Navy. The fact of their being fleet officers does not entitle them to any extra honors, and they are not to receive the honors paid to commanders of vessels.

No fleet officer will order any survey, detail officers of his corps for any service, or give any orders that will take them out of their ships, unless with the approbation of commanding or executive officers.

All honors hitherto paid to fleet surgeons, paymasters, and engineers, due only to commanders of vessels, such as laying on oars, &c., will be discontinued.

No fleet captain, fleet surgeon, fleet paymaster, or fleet engineer, will go on board any vessel of a squadron to make an inspection or examination of any kind without special written orders from the commander of the squadron.

Such orders, when issued by the Commander-in-Chief, must be presented to the commander of the vessel on board which the inspection is to take place.

A.E. Borie,
Secretary of the Navy.

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