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General Orders and Circulars Issued by the Navy Department From 1863 to 1887, With an Alphabetical Index of Subjects; Also an Index of Bureau and Marine Corps Circulars, General Court-Martial Orders, and Special Death Notices. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1887. [A non-circulating copy of this volume in the Navy Department Library’s Rare Book Room contains General Order No. 370 custom-bound into the back of the volume.]

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General Order No. 370 (23 May 1889)

Copies of Books to the Navy Department Library




No. 370
WASHINGTON, May 23, 1889.

All Bureaus, offices and commanding officers of ships or stations, issuing any official publications in book or pamphlet form, not of a confidential character, will transmit, at the time of issue, thirty copies to the Library of the Navy Department.


Secretary of the Navy



Note: While the Navy Department Library no longer needs 30 copies of each unclassified official Navy book or pamphlet, the library is still interested in acquiring two copies each of many unclassified items published by Navy commands. Commands can contact the library and describe materials to the staff to determine if they are appropriate for library retention.



OPNAV Instruction 5070.1C, dated 21 August 2003, requests that all ships and stations forward two copies of published Navy cruise books and unit histories to: Director, Navy Department Library, 805 Kidder Breese Street SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060. The instruction goes on to say that if “published volumes cannot be furnished gratis [for free], forward the information concerning publication and price.” Please note that the Navy Department Library has an extremely limited budget and relies on cruise books being donated. The library has the nation’s largest collection of cruise books. When Navy personnel, veterans and their families, scholars and other researchers look for specific cruise books, it can be almost impossible to locate them if they have not previously been donated to the library. Tragically, many veterans never receive their cruise books, or the books are lost due to fire and flood etc. Donating cruise books to the Navy Department Library will ensure that your fellow naval personnel will be able to consult or obtain a reproduction of their ship or unit’s cruise book into the far future.

Please contact the library for mailing instructions prior to sending cruise books and other publications.



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