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Albert Southard's diary is located in the Navy Department Library's Historic Manuscripts Collection.


We thank Albert Pande for his generous donation of this diary.

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Albert Southard – USS Ticonderoga (screw sloop-of-war)

Diary – 1878

Scope and Content: The diary consists of one volume, handwritten. Southard describes the voyage of the USS Ticonderoga through Africa and Asia. He also records song lyrics, draws US and international signal flags (in color), and records distances traveled and dates of port calls.

Albert Southard Diary Page 1. Transcription below.

Transcription of Albert Southard Diary, Page 1:

Transferred to U.S.S. Ticonderoga Nov. 6th 1878. Fitted out at Pourtsmouth Navy yard. Left on the 13th for Norfolk, had to put into Glouester and in coming out ran on the rocks and damaged the keel. Made Hampton Rhodes on 19th went up to Norfolk and went on the dry dock on the 2nd of Dec. Came out of dry dock on the 4th and went down to Hampton Rhodes on the 5th. Commodore came on board on the 7th and put to sea in the afternoon of the 7th. Had a very rough passage, eight days out lost jib and Flying jib boom’s. Tore trysail gaff and Dingy five days on sick list. Arrived off Madeira on the 23rd of Dec. Run into Tunchanl and anchored on the 24th. Coaled ship. Distance run 28.00 miles.

Albert Southard Ship Drawing

This color drawing of a ship appears on the inside back cover of the diary. Albert Southard’s name is written multiple times.

U.S. Naval Code from Albert Southard's Diary

This color drawing labeled “U.S. Naval Code” appears after the end of the narration portion of the diary. It is followed by pages of drawings labeled “Pendants,” “International Code,” and “Caustic signals.” Drawings of flags are numbered 0 through 9, followed by General recall, Guard, Telegraph, Dispatch, and [illegible].

Use and Reproduction Policy: Manuscripts are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted.

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