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W. F. Marty (S.P. 1145)


(S.P. 1145: length 40'0"; beam 10'0"; draft 3'0" (aft); speed 11.0 knots)

W. F. Marty, a wooden-hulled motorboat built in 1917 for W. F. Marty of Olney, Pa., was inspected by the Navy in the Fourth Naval District, in 1917 for possible use as a section patrol vessel. She was assigned the identification number S.P. 1145.

Little is known, however, of any actual service. Listed as “delivered” on 6 October 1917 and “enrolled” 10 days later, W. F. Marty was subsequently returned to her owner on 28 January 1918 and stricken from the Navy Register on 5 February 1918, indicating that her service, if any, was of short duration. There are no records to indicate whether or not the boat was ever placed in commission. Her eventual fate is also unrecorded.

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6 October 2020


Published: Wed Mar 30 16:10:55 EDT 2022