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(Str.: dp. 14,375; l. 429'9"; b. 53'6"; dr. 29'6"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 88; a. 1 4", 1 3")

Former name retained.

Minnesotan, a steamship, was built by Maryland Steel Co., Sparrows Point, Md.; launched in September 1912 for use as a service collier by American Hawaiian Steamship Co., New York; chartered by the Army 11 September 1917 for service as an animal transport to France; taken over by the Navy and commissioned in NOTS 23 August 1918 at Norfolk, Lieut. Comdr. E. L. Smith, USNRF, in command.

Refitted and armed, Minnesotan loaded a general cargo and after a brief voyage to New York, sailed from Norfolk 4 September joining a convoy at New York for Europe. Arriving Gibraltar 21 September, the ship proceeded to Marseilles to unload and on 21 October steamed for home by way of Gibraltar, arriving Newport News 7 November. Minnesotan loaded cargo and 798 horses and departed for France 30 November, arriving Bordeaux 13 days later. She proceeded to St. Nazaire 14 December and on the 21st put out for Norfolk arriving 3 January 1919. The ship sailed up to New York 4 to 6 January. Upon arrival she was inspected and found suitable for conversion to a troop transport.

Transferred to the Cruiser and Transport Force 7 January, Minnesotan was fitted with bunks and living facilities and departed New York 30 March on the first of four voyages to France to return troops of the AEF home. Steaming to Brest and St. Nazaire, she returned 6,051 troops to New York, Charleston, Boston, and Philadelphia, ending her last voyage at Philadelphia 3 August.

Decommissioned 21 August 1919, Minnesotan returned to her owner shortly thereafter, and served with the company until sold to the Italian Societa per Azioni in July 1949.

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