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Naval History and Heritage Command

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Research Guides and Finding Aids

A selection of electronic finding aids are posted here to help researchers better understand the composition of a particular collection. Keep in mind that not every collection is represented here. In addition, the Navy Department Library also has a number of research guides for their special collections.


Note about classified records:


While the electronic finding aids are unclassified, there will be times when a particular portion of the records in the collection are still classified. The classified records will require a "Declassification Review/Kyl Lott Review" before they are made available to researchers. The Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) does not have declassification authority. The declassification review as mandated under Presidential Executive Order 12958 covering records more than 25 years of age held by NHHC is managed by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), and is not under the control of this command. In addition to the declassification review as mandated under Presidential Executive Order 12958, Congress adopted an amendment to the 1999 and 2000 Defense Authorization Act, commonly known as the Kyl-Lott Amendment, that required a review or a “re-review” of previously declassified collections to ensure records containing Restricted Data or Formerly Restricted Data were not authorized for declassification or release to the public. Therefore, many collections held by NHHC had an initial declassification review but are now no longer available to researchers until they have had a Kyl-Lott Review.

If there is a particular record in a collection that a researcher is interested in reviewing but is still classified, then a FOIA request should be submitted requesting a declassification review be conducted for the record/collection. FOIA requests should be submitted to