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NH 2875-A Greely Relief Expedition, 1884

Photo #: NH 2875-A  Greely Relief Expedition, 1884
Title: Greely Relief Expedition, 1884
Description: The six survivors of the U.S. Army's Greely Arctic expedition with their U.S. Navy rescuers, at Upernavik, Greenland, 2-3 July 1884. Probably photographed on board USS Thetis. Those present are (as numbered on the original print): 1. Commander Winfield S. Schley, USN, commanding officer, Greely Relief Expedition, and of USS Thetis; 2. Lieutenant William H. Emory, Jr., commanding officer of USS Bear; 3. Commander George W. Coffin, USN, commanding officer of Steamer Alert; 4. Lieutenant Emory H. Taunt, USN, Thetis; 5. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Samuel C. Lemly, USN, Thetis; 6. Lieutenant Freeman H. Crosby, USN, Bear; 7. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) John C. Colwell, USN, Bear; 8. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nathaniel R. Usher, USN, Bear; 9. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Charles J. Badger, USN, Alert; 10. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Henry J. Hunt, USN, Alert; 11. Ensign Washington I. Chambers, USN, Thetis; 12. Ensign Charles H. Harlow, USN, Thetis; 13. Ensign Lovell K. Reynolds, USN, Bear; 14. Ensign Charles S. McClain, USN, Alert; 15. Ensign Albert A. Ackerman, USN, Alert; 16. Chief Engineer George W. Melville, USN, Thetis; 17. Chief Engineer John Lowe, USN, Bear; 18. Passed Assistant Engineer William H. Nauman, USN, Alert; 19. Passed Assistant Surgeon Edward H. Green, USN, Thetis; 20. Passed Assistant Surgeon Howard E. Ames, USN, Bear; 21. Passed Assistant Surgeon Francis S. Nash, USN, Alert; 22. First Lieutenant Adolphus W. Greely, U.S. Army; 23. Private Julius Frederick, U.S. Army; 24. Sergeant David L. Brainard, U.S. Army; 25. Private Henry Bierderbick, U.S. Army; 26. Private Maurice Connell, U.S. Army; 27. Private Francis Long, U.S. Army; 28. Lieutenant Uriel Sebree, USN, Thetis; See Photo # NH 2875 for a copy of this image without the numbers. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.
Catalog #: NH 2875-A
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