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Selected Submissions to the 2017 CNO Naval History Essay Contest 



Clearing the Way to Wonsan, by Lieutenant Commander Jason Shell, USN 

Chaos Under Control: Lessons from Quiberon Bay, by Andrew J. Graff

Seaplanes: The Beginning, by David Alman

Seaplanes Go To War, by David Alman 

Seaplanes: The End (of the beginning), by David Alman 

Some Thoughts on a Maritime Strategy for the 21st Century, by Rear Admiral Thomas Marfiak, USN (Ret.)

Hell’s Highway: The Battle for Convoy ONS-5 and the Defeat of Germany’s U-boats, by Lieutenant Devereux Smith, USN  

A Century of Replenishment at Sea, by Commander John A. Lukacs IV, USN

A Sense of Sovereignty:  How China’s ‘Century of Humiliation’ Affects U.S. Policy in the South China Sea, by Lieutenant Commander Colin Raunig, USNR

The Carrier's Role Is Narrowing, by Commander Angus Ross, Royal Navy (Ret.)

Four Victories, by Vincent P. O’Hara

Theater JFMCC─Back to the Future?, by Captain Steve Kornatz, USN (Ret.) 

Edward Preble’s Leadership Qualities Analysis, by Midshipman 3/C Christian Dumangas

Navy Music Pioneers: A History of Social Change in the Navy, by MUCS Mike Bayes

Cleaning the Bloody Shambles: Lessons from the Fall of ABDA, by Austin Sullivan

To Obtain or Dispute Command of the Sea, by Captain Anthony T. C. Cowden

Concepts Before Calibers: Standardization and the U.S. Navy, 1945-1955, by Corbin Williamson, Ph.D.

Surface Lessons of Guadalcanal, by James Young

The San Juan Island Boundary Dispute, 1859: Conditions for Peace and Maritime Superiority in a Very Gray Zone, by J. Overton

No “Half-Ready Militia”: Rear Admiral Austin K. Doyle, the Naval Air Reserve, and the Lessons of Preparing for War, by Hill Goodspeed

Published: Mon Jan 28 14:02:38 EST 2019