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Survivors of Maine 

List of officers, Sailors, and Marines on board of Maine who were saved.


Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee, commanding
Lieut. Commander Richard Wainwright
Lieuts. George F.W. Holman, John Hood, and Carl W. Jungen
Lieuts. (Junior Grade) George P. Blow, John J. Blandin
Naval Cadets Jonas H. Holden, Watt T. Cluverius, Amon Bronson, and David F. Boyd, Jr.
Surg. Lucien G. Heneberger
Paymaster Charles M. Ray
Chief Engineer Charles P. Howell
Passed Assistant Engineer Frederic C. Bowers
Assistant Engineer John R. Morris
Naval Cadets (engineer division) Pope Washington and Arthur Crenshaw
Chaplain John P. Chidwick
First Lieut. of Marines Albertus W. Catlin
Boatswain Francis E. Larkin
Gunner Joseph Hill
Carpenter George Helms
Pay Clerk B. McCarty 


Allen, James W., mess attendant
Anderson, Oskar, cockswain
Awo, Firsanion, steerage cook
Bergman, Charles, boatswain's mate, first class
Bloomer, John H., landsman
Bullock, Charles H., gunner's mate, second class
Cahill, Francis D., landsman
Christiansen, Karl, fireman, first class
Cronin, Daniel, landsman
David, George, ordinary seaman
Dolan, John, seaman
Dressler, Gustav J., apprentice, first class
Durckin, Thomas J., ordinary seaman
Flynn, Michael, seaman
Foley, Patrick J., apprentice, first class
Fox, George, landsman
Gartrell, William M., fireman, first class
Hallberg, Alfred, cockswain
Ham, Ambrose, apprentice, first class
Harris, Westmore, mess attendant
Heffron, John, ordinary seaman
Herbert, John, landsman
Herness, Alfred B., gunner's mate, third class
Hutchings, Robert, landsman
Johnson, Alfred, seaman
Kane, Joseph H., landsman
Kushida, Katsusaburo, warrant officers' steward
Lanahan, Michael, landsman
Larsen, Martin, seaman
Larsen, Peder, seaman
Load, John B., master-at-arms, third class
Lohman, Charles A., coal passer
McCann, Harry, seaman
Mack, Thomas, landsman
McNair, William, ordinary seaman
Mattisen, William, ordinary seaman
Mattsen, Edward, ordinary seaman
Melville, Thomas, coal passer
Mikkelsen, Peter, seaman
Moriniere, Louis, seaman
Panck, John H., fireman, first class
Pilcher, Charles F., ordinary seaman
Rau, Arthur, seaman
Reden, Martin, seaman
Richards, Walter E., apprentice, second class
Rowe, James, ship's cook, fourth class
Rusch, Frank, ordinary seaman
Schwartz, ship's cook, first class
Shea, Jeremiah, coal passer
Teackle, Harry, seaman
Thompson, William H., landsman
Toppin, Daniel G., wardroom clerk
Turpin, John H., mess attendant
Waters, Thomas J., landsman
Webber, Martin V., landsman
White, John E., landsman
Wilbur, Benjamin R., cockswain
Williams, Henry, cabin cook
Williams, James, gunner's mate, third class
Willis, Alonzo, apprentice, second class 


Anthony, William, private
Coffey, John, private
Galpin, C.P., private
Germond, C.V., private
Loftus, Paul, private
Lutz, Joseph, private
McDevitt, William, private
McGuinness, William, private
McKay, Edward, private
Meehan, Michael, sergeant
Thompson, T.G., corporal

Source: Appendix to the Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, 1898 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1898).


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