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WASHINGTON (Nov. 21, 2022) A video highlighting the motion picture Devotion. (U.S. Navy video)

Director J.D. Dillard and Glen Powell (Lt. j.g. Tom Hudner) talk about the importance of maintaining historical accuracy while filming Devotion.


The friendship between Lt. j.g. Thomas Hudner and Ensign Jesse L. Brown represents the best version of naval service: dedication to the mission and shipmates above all else. The Navy’s aim in supporting the release of Devotion is to elevate a heroic story about the Navy during the Korean War and overcoming adversity in the face of all odds.

Devotion embodies the aspirational outcome of service in the Navy, which shapes and strengthens Sailors into more capable versions of themselves.

Ensign Jesse L. Brown was one of the first African Americans to commission as an officer through the U.S. Navy’s V-5 Aviation Cadet Training Program at Ohio State, a predominately white university in 1947.


  • Sailors can all take pride in the actions of Ensign Jesse L. Brown and Lt.j.g. Thomas Hudner shown in Devotion and strive to live up to the lofty personal standard set by each.
  • U.S. naval aviators today possesses the agility, tactical skills, innovative mindset, and understanding of advanced technologies to succeed against adversaries. They are disciplined, critical thinkers who excel in ambiguous environments – like those seen in Devotion
  • The Navy’s priority has always been the advancement and improvement of a capable, reliable, versatile force, and training combat-ready naval aviators that are prepared to win.
  • The President awarded Lt. j.g. Hudner the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic effort and Ensign Brown the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • From October 1950 to January 1951, VF-32 participated in strikes against Korean targets including Wonsan Harbor, Puckchong, Chonjin, and the Chosin Reservoir.
  • 27 Navy Medal of Honor decorations have been awarded since the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, and Global War on Terrorism.


  • All Sailors, regardless of rank, rate, race, or gender are integral to the Navy. We remain committed to ensuring that we all are able to use our voices and be heard at all levels of command.
  • Diversity is not just about numbers, gender, or race. It is about benefitting from the talent, experience, and insights of Sailors from every community who make up our Navy. We are one Navy Team – a mosaic of America comprised of a diverse mix of active duty and reserve Sailors, Navy Civilians, and families – with a rich history of service, sacrifice and success


Devotion shows Sailors responding valiantly to the call. While not in a conflict like the Korean War, America still relies on our capable Sailors to protect America’s prosperity, security, and values. 

  • U.S. Navy ships, submarines, and aircraft operate around the world, then and now. They provide a flexible, capable mobile force that shapes events abroad, contributes to regional stability and expands our military advantage at sea.
  • America’s Navy provides immediate options to respond to all manner of crises.
  • Diversity is a source of the strength for the Navy and is a key component to maintaining our highest state of readiness. Diversity encompasses more than race and gender – we seek to include diversity of thought, background, language, culture, and skills.

<p>Two images upper right a portrait of Jesse Brown. The lower left a portrait of the USS Jesse L Brown starboard side of the ship<br>

Black History; Jesse L. Brown; Ensign

Graphic of Jesse Brown

Graphic of Jesse Brown

The History of Medal of Honor recipient, Thomas J. Hudner

The History of Medal of Honor Recipient, Thomas J. Hudner. This infographic shares the history of Medal of Honor recipient, Thomas J. Hudner. (U.S. Navy graphic by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Lindsay A. Preston/Released)

Published: Wed Nov 30 16:52:16 EST 2022