Author David Smith’s new book, A New Force at Sea, tells the story of one of the most important officers in the U.S. Navy between the Civil War and World War II—George Dewey. Born in Montpelier, Vermont, Dewey graduated from the newly established U.S. Naval Academy in 1858. His distinguished military career overlapped the American Civil War, the Battle of Manilla Bay, and the Philippine Insurrection, and was even being touted as a U.S. presidential candidate in 1900. Dewey embodied Theodore Roosevelt‘s “big stick” policy and was the national symbol for American naval power. Later in his career, Dewey was promoted by Congress to the newly created rank of Admiral of the Navy.  Enjoy author David Smith’s overview of this larger-than-life military personality—the only naval officer interred in the U.S. National Cathedral.

About the Author: David A. Smith is a senior lecturer of American history at Baylor University. He received his undergraduate degree in U.S. history from Texas State University and his PhD from the University of Missouri. He has written books primarily focused on American military, cultural, and political history. He is an avid public speaker and hosts a weekly show on art, culture, and history on KWBU-FM in Waco. He lives with his family in Woodway, Texas.

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Images courtesy U.S. Naval Institute Press

Images courtesy U.S. Naval Institute Press