Researcher, Madison Sargeant presents an analysis of the maritime security environments that have developed in the Baltic and Black Seas since the collapse of the Soviet Union.  How and why did these environments develop differently -- in particular NATO’s and the U.S. Navy’s roles in developing differing security approaches and methodologies for the two regions.

This program is being presented in collaboration with the History and Archives Division, Naval History and Heritage Command, Washington, DC

About the Speaker:

Madison Sargeant is a national security scholar-practitioner with training in qualitative and quantitative research methods and regional expertise in Central and Eastern European affairs. She is an alumnus of the BU-MIT NROTC Boston Consortium, and upon completion of her studies at Columbia University, will receive her commission as an active duty U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer.

This is a virtual program that will be aired on the museum’s Facebook page on the date and time indicated.  If you have problems accessing the museum’s Facebook page, email  David Barker at


Madison Sargeant.  Photo courtesy of Columbia University

Madison Sargeant.  Photo courtesy of Columbia University