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Okinawa Campaign:  Operation Ten-Go:  Kamikaze Attacks:  May 3-4, 1945

The fifth Japanese Kamikaze attack of Operation Ten-Go occurred May 3-4, 1945.   As with the prior attacks, the enemy also utilized demolition barge boats, resulting in numerous U.S. Navy ships being damaged, along with collisions and friendly fire.  U.S. Navy warships lost:  USS Little (DD-803), USS LSM-190, USS LSM-195, USS Luce (DD-522), and USS Morrison (DD-560).  Notable damaged ships:  USS Aaron Ward (DM-34), USS Bache (DD-470), USS Birmingham (CL-62), USS Macomb (DMS-23), and USS Sangamon (CVE-26).  

Image:   19-LCM-Box-560-80527:   USS Morrison (DD-560) broadside port, Hunter's Point, California, February 5, 1945.   Morrison was sunk by Japanese Kamikazes on May 4, 1945.   Official U.S. Bureau of Ships Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives. 

The National Museum of the U.S. Navy has a model of USS Sangamon on display within the "In Harm's Way: Atlantic" exhibit area.