Naval History and Heritage Command

National Museum of the U.S. Navy

Okinawa Campaign:  Operation Ten-Go:  Kamikaze Attacks:  May 23-35, 1945

The seventh Japanese Kamikaze attack of Operation Ten-Go occurred May 23-25, 1945.  As with the prior attacks, numerous U.S. Navy ships were damaged, along with collisions and friendly fire.   U.S. Navy ships lost:  USS Bates (APD-47) and USS LSM-135.   U.S. Navy ships damaged:  USS Barry (APD-29), USS Butler (DMS-29), USS Guest (DD-472), USS O'Neill (DE-188), USS Roper (APD-20), USS Sims (APD-50), USS Stormes (DD-780), and USS William C. Cole (DE-641). 

Image:  NH 66540:  Operation Ten-Go, USS Bates (APD-47), May 25, 1945.   Burning after being hit by three kamikazes.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.