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Operation Landings

Unlike the landings at Normandy, France, the H-hour for the Provence area was approximately 8:00 a.m.   Rear Admiral Frank J. Lowery, USN, (TF 84), led the Alpha Force which landed 3rd Division Army troops at Cavalaire and Pampelonne.   Rear Admiral Bertram J. Rodgers, USN, (TF 85), led Delta Force and landed 45th Division Army troops at Baie de Bougnon.   Rear Admiral Spencer S. Lewis, USN, (TF 87), led Camel Force and landed 36th Division Army troops east of Saint-Raphael.   The Sitka Force was assigned to cut the two roads from Toulon into the main assault area and to capture the islands off the coast, the night prior.   This force was led by Rear Admiral Lyal A. Davidson, USN, (TF 86). 

Image:  80-G-K-2112:  Invasion of Southern France, August 1944.  LCTs and LCMs landing supplies on the beach, west of Saint Rafael.   Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collection of the National Archives.