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1942: January 30:  Sinking of British motor tanker SS San Arcadio

German (Type IXB) U-boat, U-107, sank British motor tanker SS San Arcadio on January 30, 1942.   Seven crew members and two gunners were rescued by a PBM "Mariner" from Patrol Squadron Seventy-Four (VP-74).  British Sunderland aircraft sank the German submarine in the Bay of Biscay on August 18, 1944.   An active U-boat, U-107 sank 39 Allied vessels and damaged four, including USS Rapidan (AO-18) on September 11, 1943.   On the NHHC Navy Library online website one can read a U-107 Engineering Section War Diary from 1941 captured onboard U-505.