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Steel Navy  

Bldg. 76 


On March 3, 1883, after eighteen years of neglect, the United States began a period of naval moderinization with Congress authorizing the construction of the country's first steel warships: the protected cruisers Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and the gunboat Dolphin, known as the "ABCD Ships".   These ships paved the way for the armored battleships such as Texas and Maine.  In the next two decades, a significant relationship was formed between the United States steel industry and the Navy, resulting in a series of technological advancements that revitalized American sea power.  The developments made during this period laid the foundation for the Navy's present-day superpower status.  

Interesting artifacts, artwork, and models in the Steel Navy exhibit include:

Artifacts and Models 

  • Bull's Eye Trophy from USS Wilmington (Patrol Gunboat #8).
  • Chelsea Clock from USS New York (Battleship #34).
  • Silverware from USS California (Armored Cruiser #6), USS Colorado (Armored Cruiser #7), and USS Wilmington (Patrol Gunboat #8).
  • USS Helena (Patrol Gunboat #9), model.
  • USS Oregon (Battleship #3), model.
  • USS Winslow (Torpedo Boat #5), model.


  • USS Chicago (Protected Cruiser), artwork by Frank Muller.
  • USS Marietta (Patrol Gunboat #15), artwork by unknown artist.
  • USS Olympia (Cruiser #6), artwork by Frank Muller.
  • USS Petrel (Patrol Gunboat #2), artwork by Frank Muller.

Click on the models below to review a brief photographic history of the ship located in this exhibit area.

USS Helena (Patrol Gunboat #9) model
Description: USS Helena (Patrol Gunboat #9). Click on model for a photographic history of the ship.

NMUSN:  Steel Navy:  USS Oregon (Battleship #3)
Description: USS Oregon (Battleship #3). Click on model for a photographic history of the ship.

NMUSN:  Steel Navy:  USS Winslow (Torpedo Boat #5)
Description: USS Winslow (Torpedo Boat #5). Click on model for a photographic history of the ship.
Published: Tue May 29 13:52:37 EDT 2018