Bldg. 76 

Navigation:  Pathfinding on the Seas

The word navigation is from a Latin phrase meaning "to drive a ship." Sailors use a combination of three techniques to navigate: maps and charts, a compass, and celestial navigation.

This exhibit explains each of these techniques and showcases navigational devices, such as quadrants, sextants, compasses, chronometers, and charts.

Interesting artifacts in the Navigation exhibit include:

  • Celestial navigation devices: quadrant, astrolabe, Hadley quadrant, sextant, crosstaff
  • Weather analyzing devices: barometers, psychrometers
  • Charts, remark books, navigator's kit
  • Dry and liquid-filled compasses
  • Marine chronometers
  • Maury's hand engraved copper plate used for printing "Wind & Current Chart of the North Atlantic"
Published:Tue Oct 31 20:18:04 EDT 2017