<p>Former Navy Nurse Prisoners of War pose in new uniforms after their liberation.</p>
Caption: Former POW Navy nurses are shown dressed in new nurse uniforms, in the nurses quarters at Aiea Naval Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii, early March 1945. Seated L-R: Mary Rose Harrington, Eldene Paige, Laura Mae Cobb, Margaret Nash, Edwina Todd, and Bertha Evans. Standing L-R: Mary Chapman, Goldie O'Haver, Dorothy Still, Susie Pitcher, and Helen Gorzelanski.

in 1942, young Navy nurse Dorothy Still was taken prisoner by the Japanese along with several of her fellow nurses. For the next three years, Dorothy and her colleagues endured deteriorating living conditions. In spite of the difficulties of POW life, Dorothy Still continued to valiantly provide medicial care as a prisoner in the Japanese concentration camp.

Join historian Dr. Emilie Lucchesi for this special presentation recounting Dorothy Still's POW experience.

<p>Liberated nurses at Leyte in 1945</p>
Caption: Liberated Nurses at Leyte, Philippine Islands. L-R: Susie Pitcher, Dorothy Still, Basilia Stewart, Goldie O'Haver, Eldene Paige, Vice Admiral T.C. Kinkaid, Mary Chapman, Laura Mae Cobb, Maureen Davis, Mary Rose Harrington, Helen Gorzelanski, Bertha Evans, Margaret Nash, Helen Grant, and Edwina Todd.