Historical Collections and Research

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The mission of the National Museum of the American Sailor is to collect and preserve in perpetuity, artifacts and archival records that document the historical experience of the United States Navy’s enlisted Sailor. The museum’s historical collections feature thousands of artifacts and personal archival collections.  They include uniforms, flags, photographs, pamphlets, scrapbooks, and newspapers, including the archives of the Great Lakes Bulletin, the Navy’s oldest continuously published base newspaper, and the largest collection of The Oscillator newspaper from 1918. Together, these items document the history of the enlisted Sailor and the rich tradition of honor, courage, and commitment in the United States Navy.

The Museum collects artifacts and archival material for its collections carefully and responsibly to ensure that each item is needed and that resources are available for its care. Beyond utilizing the collections for exhibitions, the collections of the National Museum of the American Sailor serve as valuable research and reference materials. Please click here for more information about historical research at the National Museum of the American Sailor.

If you have items that you think would help the National Museum of the American Sailor tell the story of the Navy’s Sailor, please click here to learn how to donate artifacts to the Museum.



Published:Wed May 30 16:13:58 EDT 2018