Location and Directions

National Museum of the American Sailor
2531 Sheridan Road
Great Lakes, IL 60088

The National Museum of the American Sailor is located at Naval Station Great Lakes, the home of the Navy’s only boot camp. Naval Station Great Lakes is located approximately 40 miles north of Chicago, 15 miles south of the Wisconsin state line and several miles east of Interstate 94 and U. S. 41.

From the South/Chicago:

From the south, follow either I-94 (West) or I-294 (Tri-State tollway) toward Wisconsin. I-294, which is a toll road, is generally the less traveled of these two roads and would be the wiser choice during rush hour. I-94 and I-294 eventually converge about eight miles north of Chicago's O'Hare airport.

I-94 (West) passes near downtown Chicago and continues in a northerly direction following the shoreline of Lake Michigan. As it passes through Chicago, I-94 includes portions of several named expressways (Bishop Ford, Dan Ryan, Kennedy, and Edens. At the north end of the Edens Expressway, one can either continue straight ahead onto U. S. 41 or exit onto a ramp and follow I-94 in a northwesterly direction. Either choice will work, but from that location, the shortest route to the Naval Station is by continuing straight ahead, following the signs that say “U. S. 41 north to Waukegan.”

If you choose to stay on I-94, you'll find that you will soon merge together with I-294 near Deerfield Road. Both I-94 and U. S. 41 eventually intersect with Buckley Road (Route 137). Turn east (right) onto Buckley Road and go a couple of miles to Great Lakes.

Directions to NSGL Main Gate/GLNM:

To reach the Main Gate, go under the train overpass at the end of Buckley Road and follow the signs. The National Museum of the American Sailor is located in Building 42 at Naval Station Great Lakes by the Main Gates (Gate 1) next to the Visitor’s Center. Please park in the Visitor’s Parking lot at the corner of Sheridan Road and Farragut Avenue.

From the North: Naval Station Great Lakes and the Great Lakes Naval Museum are easily reached from either I-94 or US-41. Just turn left at Buckley Road (Route 137) and go east a couple of miles. Once on Buckley Road, go under the train overpass at the end of Buckley Road (at the light at Ohio Street – do not follow IL-137 north to Wisconsin) and follow the signs to reach the Main Gate and the Visitors Center/Museum.

As the museum is located immediately outside of the perimeter fence of Naval Station Great Lakes, base access is not needed and visitors to the National Museum of the American Sailor do not need Visitor’s passes.

Visit the National Museum of the American Sailor Via Public Transportation

Visitors can reach the Museum via public transportation from the Chicago via public transportation using Metra’s Union Pacific/North Line. The National Museum of the American Sailor is located a short walk north of the Great Lakes station.

For complete schedules and fare rates, visit:

Metra: www.metrarail.com

Published:Thu Jan 05 14:38:27 EST 2017