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The War at Sea:

Ocean-going warships provided the U.S. military effort in Vietnam with vast capabilities. They monitored coastal fortifications and enemy communications. Cruisers and destroyers bombarded coastal and inland targets, often saving allied troops in imminent danger. Along with Coast Guard vessels and South Vietnamese coastal craft, U.S. Navy surface ships also successfully blockaded a 1,200-mile coastline from the 17th parallel to the Cambodian border. Other missions included search and rescue, tracking enemy aircraft, and landing U.S. Marines and other ground forces during amphibious operations.

<p>Chinese Type 56 Rifle (7.62 MM)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Naval Gunfire Support: Baltimore-Class cruiser USS Saint Paul  (CA 73) firing her 8"/55 guns in support of ground troops during the Vietnam War, circa 1966. U.S. Navy Photo # K-33437. 


Mug made from shell casings: Five MiGs attacked USS Biddle  (DLG 34) on July 19, 1972. The destroyer's crew made this mug from the casings of shells fired at the attacking aircraft. HRNM.L2019.008.001, on loan from Jim Keiper.  

<p>Chinese Type 56 Rifle (7.62 MM)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Chinese Type 56 Rifle (7.62MM): U.S. Sailors captured this rifle from North Vietnamese trawlers attempting to supply the Viet Cong by sea. U.S. surface vessels blockaded the coast to halt the flow of supplies to South Vietnam. NHHC 1966.207.D

<p>name plate&nbsp;</p>

USS Newport News (CA 148) Nameboard, NHHC 1991.167.A

Title: Voices From the War
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