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Donating Artifacts to the Museum

Each year, new objects and documents are added to the museum through the generosity of donors. These donations help the Hampton Roads Naval Museum fulfill its mission to document the history of the Navy.

If you have artifacts or documents that you believe would add to the Hampton Roads Naval Museum's collection please use the donation form (link below)  to notify us about your proposed donation.

Please do not send any historical items until the museum agrees to accept them. The Hampton Naval Museum must first receive from you a completed Donation Proposal Form, to ensure your generous offer will fit within the subjects and space of the museum's collection. Please use the form to describe the items you propose to donate, including measurements and specific conditions of objects or documents.  Images are most welcome.

Always feel free to call the Museum at (757) 322-2987 to speak with the curator or registrar about artifacts before sending a Donation Proposal Form.

Once we receive your donation form the museum's accessions committee will evaluate the proposed donation. The committee will consider how the proposed donation relates to the museum's existing historical collections; the future development of those collections for exhibit, educational, and public research needs; the Naval History and Heritage Command's artifact and archival collections nationwide; and other museums that already specialize in a subject. The staff also weighs the resources the museum must provide to store the item, care for it, catalog it, and make it available for use. Typically, the evaluation takes four weeks.

If your proposed donation is accepted by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, you will be contacted by museum staff to arrange to have the donated materials shipped, picked up, or dropped off at the Museum. The final step is issuing a Deed of Gift for the donation, which legally transfers the property to the Museum from the donor.  The Director of Naval History is the final accepting authority for the museum.

Thank you for considering the Hampton Roads Naval Museum as a possible depository for your historical property.  





Published:Wed Feb 01 15:15:34 EST 2017