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Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
CORRECTIONS LIST An ever changing list of corrections made to the DANFS website, organized by date. The term "new history" indicates the online history is a substantially revised version of the original published history.

Natoma Bay CVE-62 16-Jul-07 PUC verification

Sgt Sylvester Antolak 16-Jul-07 Deployment info

Anzio CVE-57 16-Jul-07 Number of Battle stars

Horne 11-Jul-07 Correct typos

Thresher II 11-Jul-07 link corrections

Turner 1-Jul-07 corrections

Moosehead I & II 1-Jul-07 corrections

Missouri 11-Jul-07 format corrections

Firedrake 11-Jun-07 new history

Queen of the West 1-Jul-07 typo corrections

Belleau Wood LHA-3 28-Jun-07 Updated

Firedrake 1-Jun-07 complete unfinished

Hamblen 19-Jun-07 Minor corrections

Pontaganset AO-86 18-Jun-07 Corrections

Trumpetfish, etc class 18-Jun-07 Corrections to class

Hewell 18-Jun-07 Corrections

Lamprey and Macabi 25-Aug-06 Corrections

Zrinyi 11-Jun-07 Corrections

General A. W. Greely 7-Jun-07 Corrections

Lloyd Thomas 4-Jun-07 Corrections/updates

Lively 4-Jun-07 Typo

Gilbert Island 1-Jun-07 Pilots lost - number

Pasquotank (AOG 18) 29-May-07 Typo

Davidson (DE/FF 1040) 29-May-07 No listing for ship

Pittsburg 23-May-07 ???

Cassin Young 23-May-07 Correction/addition

Nautilus 14-May-07 Update

Pritchett DD-561 14-May-07 Corrections

Kleinsmith 8-May-07 Corrections

Etlah 8-May-07 Corrections

Lafayette I 27-Apr-07 Updated

Mohave AT-15 15-Apr-07 Corrections

Mojave 15-Apr-07 Corrections

Inchon LPH-12 18-Apr-07 Made a page for Inchon

Broadbill II 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Booth 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Andromeda 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Duplin 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Ottawa II 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Skagit 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Theenim 16-Apr-07 Corrections

Baltimore III 9-Apr-07 Typos and updates

U-117 3-Apr-07 Typos

Sable IX-81 2-Apr-07 Corrections

South Dakota BB-57 2-Apr-07 Corrections

Chaffee 2-Apr-07 Corrections to Awards

Belfast PF-35 27-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

Tampa 27-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

De Grasse I 26-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

De Grasse II 26-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

Severn 23-Mar-07 Decom Date

Saetia 22-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

Booth I 22-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

New Orleans I 21-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

Lehigh II 14-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

Spadefish/Redfish/SeaDevil 7-Mar-07 Corrections & updates

Redwing III 28-Feb-07 Additions??

Tuscarora I 22-Feb-07 Typos and updates

William M. Wood DE-287 20-Feb-07 Typos

John D. Ford (DD 228) 14-Feb-07 PUC verification

John F. Kennedy CV-67 13-Feb-07 Updated History for Decom

William G. Putnam 13-Feb-07 Designation issues

Dominant I and II 9-Feb-07 Designation issues

White River (LSMR 536) 6-Feb-07 Updated & corrections

Vancouver LPD-2 5-Feb-07 Correction for ops

Terrell County 31-Jan-07 Correction

Andromeda 30-Jan-07 Updates

Skagit 30-Jan-07 Updates & corrections

Theenim 30-Jan-07 Updates & corrections

Cochino 31-Jan-07 Class error

Ottawa-ii 30-Jan-07 Errors

Oberon 30-Jan-07 Errors

Duplin 29-Jan-07 Scanning errors

Arcturus IV 29-Jan-07 Updated/corrected errors

LST-357 26-Jan-07 Updated Battle Stars

Asheville (I) 25-Jan-07 Updated

Atlanta CL (III) 25-Jan-07 Updated

Sgt. Sylvester Antolak TAP-192 25-Jan-07 Ops corrections

Oriole III 8-Jan-07 Ops area post WW-I

Aylwin III (DD-355) 3-Jan-07 George H. vice George N.

Published: Wed Jan 29 10:25:14 EST 2014