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Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
BPDSMS -- Basic point defense surface missile system.
Bt -- boat.
btry -- battery.
Buda -- Buda Diesel Engine Co.
BUEXP -- Bureau Express Boiler.
Buff-B -- Buffalo, Shipbuilding Co., Buffalo, New York.
Buff-E -- Buffalo Shipbuilding Co., Erie, Pennsylvania.
BUMODT -- Bureau-modified Thorneycroft boiler.
BUR4DR -- Bureau-4-Drum Boiler.
Busch -- Busch Sulzer Brothers Diesel Engine Co., St. Louis, Missouri.
BUSHIPS -- Bureau of Ships (now NSSC)
ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS Index to abbreviations & symbols: Select the first letter of the abbreviation or symbol to drop down to the appropriate letter in the alphabet.:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |


A -- alternating current generator.
a. -- armament.
AA -- antiaircraft.
AB -- crane ship.
ABD -- advance base dock.
ABDA -- American-British-Dutch-Australian Command.
ABSD -- advance base section dock.
A/C -- Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
AC -- collier.
ac. -- aircraft.
ACM -- auxiliary mine layer.
ACR -- armored cruiser.
ACV -- auxiliary aircraft carrier; or tender.
Act. -- acting.
AD -- destroyer tender.
ADG -- degaussing ship.
AE -- ammunition ship.
A.E.F. -- American Expeditionary Force (World War I); or Allied Expeditionary Force (World War II).
AEW -- airborne early warning (radar picket system).
AF -- store ship.
AFD -- auxiliary floating dock.
AFDB -- large auxiliary floating dry dock (non-self-propelled).
AFDL -- small auxiliary floating dry dock (non-self-propelled).
AFDM -- medium auxiliary floating dry dock (non-self-propelled).
AFS -- combat store ship.
AG -- miscellaneous auxiliary.
AGB -- icebreaker.
AGC -- general communications vessel; or amphibious force flagship (now LCC).
AGD -- seagoing dredge.
AGDE -- escort research ship.
AGDS -- deep submergence support ship.
AGEH--hydrofoil research ship.
AGER -- environmental research ship.
AGF -- miscellaneous command ship.
AGL -- lighthouse tender.
AGM -- missile range instrumentation ship.
AGMR -- major communications relay ship.
AGOR -- oceanographic research ship.
AGP -- motor torpedo boat tender.
AGR -- radar picket ship.
AGS -- surveying ship.
AGSC -- coastal survey ship.
AGSL -- satellite launching ship.
AGSS -- auxiliary submarine.
AGTR -- technical research ship.
AH -- hospital ship.
AHP -- evacuation hospital ship.
AK -- cargo ship.
AKA -- attack cargo ship (now LKA).
AKD -- cargo ship, dock; or deep-hold cargo ship.
AKI -- general stores issue ship.
AKL -- light cargo ship.
AKN -- net cargo ship.
AKS -- stores issue ship.
AK(SS) -- cargo submarine.
AKV -- cargo ship and aircraft ferry.
AKR -- vehicle cargo ship.
AL -- lightship.
ALCo -- American Locomotive Co., Auburn, NewYork.
AM -- minesweeper.
AMh -- minesweeper, harbor.
AMc -- coastal minesweeper.
Am-Int -- American International Shipbuilding Corp., Hog Island, Pennsylvania.
AMS -- motor minesweeper,
AMCU -- coastal minesweeper (underwater locator) or mine hunter.
AN -- net laying ship (now ANL).
ANL -- net laying ship (formerly AN).
ANZAC--Australian-New Zealand Force.
AO -- oiler; or fuel oil tanker.
AOG -- gasoline tanker.
AOE -- fast combat support ship.
AOR -- replenishment oiler.
AOSS -- submarine oiler.
AP -- transport.
APA -- attack transport (now LPA); or animal transport.
APB -- self-propelled barracks ship; or artillery barge.
APb -- base repair ship.
APC -- cavalry transport; or small coastal transport (formerly APc).
APD -- high-speed transport.
APF -- administrative flagship.
APG -- supporting gunnery ship.
APR -- transport fitted for evacuation of wounded.
AFL -- barracks craft (non-self-propelled).
APM -- mechanized artillery transport.
APN -- non-mechanized artillery transport.
APP -- troop barge, class A.
APR -- rescue transport.
APS -- mine laying submarine; or transport, submarine.
APSS -- transport, submarine.
APT -- troop barge, class B.
APV -- transport and aircraft ferry.
APY -- giant "Y" boat.
AR -- repair ship.
ARB -- battle damage repair ship.
ARC -- cable repairing ship.
ARD -- auxiliary repair dock (non-self-propelled).
ARDC -- auxiliary repair dock, concrete.
ARDM -- medium auxiliary repair dry dock (non-self-propelled).
ARG -- internal combustion engine repair ship.
ARH -- heavy-hull repair ship.
ARL -- landing craft repair ship.
AMR -- heavy machinery repair ship.
ARS -- salvage ship.
ARSD -- salvage lifting ship.
ARST -- salvage craft tender.
ARVA -- aircraft repair ship (aircraft).
ARVE -- aircraft repair ship (engine).
ARVH -- aircraft repair ship (helicopter).
AS -- submarine tender.
ASPB -- assault support patrol boat.
ASR -- submarine rescue ship.
ASROC -- antisubmarine rocket.
ASSA -- cargo submarine.
ASSP -- transport submarine.
ASW -- antisubmarine warfare.
AT -- ocean tug.
ATA -- auxiliary ocean tug.
ATC -- armored troop carrier.
ATF -- fleet ocean tug.
ATL -- tank landing craft.
Atlas -- Atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co., Mattoon, Illinois.
ATO -- ocean tug, old.
ATR -- rescue tug.
ATS -- salvage tug.
aux, -- auxiliary.
AV -- seaplane tender.
AVB -- advance aviation base ship.
AVC -- large catapult lighter.
AVD -- seaplane tender (destroyer).
AVG--aircraft escort vessel.
avgas -- aviation gasoline.
AVM -- guided missile ship.
AVP -- small seaplane tender.
AVR -- aircraft rescue vessel.
AVS -- aviation supply ship.
AVT -- auxiliary aircraft transport.
AW -- distilling ship.
AWK -- water tanker.
AZ -- airship tender (lighter than air).



C -- protected cruiser; commanding officer.
CA -- heavy cruiser.
CAG -- guided missile heavy cruiser.
cal. -- caliber.
CAP -- combat air patrol.
car. -- carronade.
CB -- large cruiser.
C/B -- Cooper Bessemer.
CBC -- large tactical command ship.
CC -- battle cruiser; or command ship.
C/C -- controlled-circulation boiler.
CCB -- command and control boat.
CCS -- Combined Chiefs of Staff.
C/E -- Combustion Engineering Co., Chattanooga, Tennessee.
CED -- Combustion Engineering D-type boiler.
CEH -- Cummins Engine Co., Inc.
CEHDR -- Combustion Engineering header-type boiler.
CENTO -- Central Treaty Organization.
CE2DR -- Combustion Engineering 2-drum boiler.
CE2DRD -- Combustion Engineering 2-drum D-type boiler.
CF -- flying-deck cruiser.
CFC -- controlled forced circulation.
CG -- guided missile cruiser.
CGC -- Coast Guard cutter.
CGN -- -guided missile cruiser (nuclear propulsion).
CH -- Cutler-Hammer.
Char -- Naval Shipyard, Charleston, South Carolina (formerly Navy Yard, Charleston).
Chry -- Chrysler Corp.
CIC -- Command Information Center.
CinCLant -- Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.
CinCPac -- Commander in Chief. U.S. Pacific Fleet.
CIW -- Columbian Iron Works, Baltimore, Maryland.
CL -- light cruiser.
cl. -- class.
CLAA -- Antiaircraft light cruiser.
ClBt -- canal boat,
CLC -- tactical command ship.
CLG -- guided missile light cruiser.
CLK -- cruiser hunter-killer ship.
CM -- minelayer.
CMc -- coastal minelayer.
CMC -- Continental Motors Corp.
CNO -- Chief of Naval Operations.
C.O. -- commanding officer.
compos. -- composite drive (2 diesel engines, electric drive; 2 diesel engines, geared drive; hydraulic couple).
const. -- construction.
cont. -- continued.
Cor. -- corvette.
CortRon -- escort squadron.
cpl. -- -complement.
Craig -- Craig Shipbuilding Go., Long Beach, California.
Cramp -- Wm. Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Cres -- Crescent Shipyard, Elizabethport, New Jersey.
CS -- scout cruiser.
CSA -- Confederate States Army.
CSN -- Confederate States Navy.
CSS -- Confederate States Ship.
CTE -- coastal torpedo boat.
CTF -- Commander Task Force.
CTG -- Commander Task Group,
Ctr. -- cutter.
CTU -- Commander Task Unit.
Cur. -- Curtis-type turbine.
CV -- aircraft carrier.
CVA -- attack aircraft carrier.
CVAN -- attack aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion).
CVB -- large aircraft carrier.
CVE -- escort aircraft carrier.
CVHA -- assault helicopter aircraft carrier.
CVL -- small aircraft carrier.
CVN -- aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion)
CVS -- antisubmarine warfare support aircraft carrier; or seaplane carrier.
CVT -- training aircraft carrier.
CVU -- utility aircraft carrier.
Cwt -- hundred weight,
C.Z. -- Canal Zone.


DANFS -- Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.
DASH -- drone antisubmarine helicopter.
dc. -- depth charge.
dcp. -- depth charge projector.
dcp. (hh.) -- depth charge projector (hedgehog-type).
dct. -- depth charge track.
DD -- destroyer.
dd -- dry dock.
d/d -- diesel direct.
DDC -- corvette.
ddd. -- diesel direct drive.
DDE -- antisubmarine destroyer.
DDG -- guided missile destroyer,
DDR -- radar picket destroyer.
DE -- escort ship.
d/e -- diesel electric.
DEC -- control escort vessel.
ded. -- diesd electric drlve.
DEG -- guided missile escort ship.
DeL -- De Laval Steam Turbine Co. Trenton, New Jersey.
DeL-FB -- De Laval & Farrel-Birmingham.
DeL-Falk -- De Laval & Falk.
DeL-GE -- De Laval & General Electric.
DeL-Wes -- De Laval & Westinghouse.
DER -- radar picket escort ship.
de/r -- diesel-electric reduction.
derd. -- diesel electric reduction drive.
des. -- design.
Des -- destroyer.
DesDiv -- Destroyer Division.
DesRon -- Destroyer Squadron.
det. -- diesel electric tandem motor drive.
DEW -- Distant Early Warning System (a radar net work across upper North America).
dgd. -- diesel geared drive.
Diehl -- Diebl Manufacturing Co., Bridgeport, New York.
div. -- division.
DL -- frigate.
DLG -- guided missile frigate.
DLGN -- guided missile frigate (nuclear propulsion).
dlt. -- double reduction-locked train.
DM -- destroyer minelayer; or light minelayer (now MMD).
DMS -- high-speed minesweeper; or destroyer minesweeper.
DMZ -- Demilitarized Zone.
dp. -- displacement; or dual purpose (guns).
dph. -- depth of hold.
dr. -- draft.
D.r -- Dahlgren rifle.
drd -- diesel reduction drive. -- Dahlgren smoothbore.


EAG -- experimental miscellaneous auxiliary.
EBCo -- Electric Boat Co., Groton, Connecticut.
ED -- Electric Dynamic Co., Bayonne, New Jersey.
ehp. -- estimated horsepower.
EIWHDR -- Edgemoor Iron Works header-type boiler.
Ell -- Elliot Motor Co., Jeannette, Pennsylvania.
EUMach -- Ellicott Machine Corp., Baltimore, Maryland.
ElSpecCo -- Electric Specialty Co., Stamford, Connecticut.
eng. -- engine.
enl. -- enlisted.
Enter -- Enterprise Engine and Foundry Co., San Francisco, California.
ew. -- extreme width of flight deck.
ex -- former.
Exide -- Exide Electric Storage Battery Corp., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
exp. -- expansion.


f. -- full load (displacement).
Falk-DeL -- Falk & De Laval,
Falk-FB -- Falk & Farrel-Birmingham.
Falk-GE -- Falk & General Electric.
Falk-Wes -- Falk & Westinghouse.
FAST -- Fast At Sea Transfer Equipment.
FB -- Farrel-Birmingham Co., New York.
FB-Falk -- Farrel-Birmingham & Falk.
FB-Wes -- Farrel-Birmingham & Westinghouse.
FBM -- fleet ballistic missile.
FDI -- fast deployment logistics ship.
Fed -- Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Kearny, New Jersey.
Fiat -- Fiat-San Giorgio, Ltd., Turin, Italy.
Flot -- flotilla.
FltBtry -- floating battery.
FM -- Fairbanks Morse diesel, reverse gear drive (manufactured by Fairbanks Morse & Co., Beloit, Wisconsin).
Fore -- Fore River Ship and Engine Co., Quincy, Massachusetts.
Fr. -- Frigate.
FRAM -- Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernization.
FSch. -- F. Schlebau Gmbh., Elbing, Germany.
f.t. -- fire-tube (Scotch-type boiler).
FW -- Foster Wheeler Corp., Mountaintop, Pennsylvania.
FWASDR. -- Foster Wheeler 8-Drum. Express-Type Boiler.
FWH -- Foster Wheeler Header-Type Boiler.
FWPFS -- Foster Wheeler Pressure-Fixed Supercharged Boiler.
FWSFD -- Foster Wheeler Single-Furnace D-Type Boiler.
FWSHC -- Foster Wheeler Superheat Control Boiler.
FW2DR -- Foster Wheeler 2-Drum Boiler,
FW2DRS -- Foster Wheeler 2-Drum Superheat Control Boiler.


gal. -- gallon.
Gbt -- gunboat.
gd -- gundeck.
GDEB-Grot -- General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Div., Groton, Connecticut.
GDEB-Quin -- General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Div., Quincy, Massachusetts.
GE -- General Electric Co., Schenectady, New York.
gen. -- generator.
G.g. -- Gatling gun.
GM -- General Motors Corp., Cleveland Diesel Division, Cleveland, Ohio.
Gond -- gondola.
Gould -- Gould Storage Battery Co., Trenton, New Jersey.
gr. -- gross (tonnage).
Gulf -- Gulf Shipbuilding Corp., Chickasaw, Alabama.
Gy -- galley.


Hall-S -- Hall-Scott.
HBM -- His (Her) Britannic Majesty's.
helo -- helicopter.
Here -- Hercules Motor Co., Canton, Ohio.
HH -- Harlan and Hollingsworth Corp., Wilmington, Delaware.
HIJMS -- His Imperial Japanese Majesty's Ship.
HL -- H. L. Hawthorne, Leslie and Co., Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne England.
HMAS -- His (Her) Majesty's Australian Ship.
HMCS -- His (Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship.
HMNZS -- His (Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship.
HNMS -- Her Netherlands Majesty's Ship.
HORC -- Hooven, Owens, Renschler Co., Hamilton, Ohio.
hor3 -- horizontal triple-expansion.
how. -- howitzer.
hp. -- horsepower.
HT -- Humphreys and Tenant. Ltd., London, England.
HUK -- Hunter/Killer; offensive ASW.
Hw -- Hunter-wheel.
HwGbt, -- Hunter-wheel gunboat.
HwStr -- Hunter-wheel steamer.


IFS -- inshore fire support ship (now LFR).
ihp -- indicated horsepower.
ip. -- intermediate pressure.
int -- international.
Irc -- ironclad.
IreFitBtry -- ironclad floating battery.
IreGbt -- ironclad gunboat.
IrcRam -- ironclad ram.
IrcSlp -- ironclad sloop.
IreStr -- ironclad steamer.
IrcStFItBtry -- ironclad steam floating battery.
IX -- unclassified miscellaneous auxiliary ship.


JCS -- Joint Chiefs of Staff.
JHendy -- Joshua Hendy.
JTF -- Joint Task Force.


k. -- knots.
KA -- contraction of AKA (attack cargo ship).
Kopp -- Koppers Manufacturing Co.
kw. -- kilowatts.


l. -- length.
LBP -- support landing boat.
LBV -- vehicle landing boat.
LCA -- assault landing craft.
LCAP -- local combat air patrol.
LCB -- landing craft, vehicle.
LCC -- amphibious command ship (formerly AGC).
LCC(1) -- landing craft, control Mk I.
LCC(2) -- landing craft, control Mk II.
LCI( F) -- landing craft, infantry (gunboat).
LCI(L) -- landing craft, infantry (large).
LCI (M) -- landing craft, infantry (mortar).
LCI(R) -- landing craft, infantry (rocket).
LCM -- landing craft, mechanized.
LCM(2) -- landing craft, mechanized, Mk II.
LCM(3) -- landing craft, mechanized, Mk III.
LCM(6) -- landing craft, mechanized, Mk VI.
LCM(8) -- landing craft, mechanized, Mk VIII.
LCPL -- landing craft, personnel (large).
LCP(N) -- landing craft, personnel (nested).
LCPR -- landing craft, personnel, ramped.
LCR(L) -- landing craft, inflatable bout (large).
LCR(S) -- landing craft, inflatable boat (small).
LCSL -- landing craft, infantry (support).
LCSR--landing craft, swimmer reconnaissance,
LCS(S)(1) -- landing craft, support (small) Mk I.
LCS(S)(2)-landing craft, support (small) Mk II.
LCT -- landing craft, tank.
LCU -- landing craft, utility.
LCV -- landing craft, vehicle.
LCVP -- landing craft, vehicle, personnel.
LFR -- inshore fire support ship (formerly IFS, LSMR).
Lht. -- lighthouse tender.
LFS -- amphibious fire support ship.
LHA -- amphibious assault ship (general purpose).
lim. -- limiting.
LKA -- amphibious cargo ship (formerly AKA).
Loran -- long range navigation [system].
lp. -- low pressure.
LPA -- amphibious transport (formerly APA).
LPD -- amphibious transport dock.
LPH -- amphibious assault ship.
LPR -- amphibious transport, small (formerly APD).
LSD -- dock landing ship.
LSFF -- flotilla flagship (amphibious).
LSI -- landing ship, infantry (giant "Y" boat).
LSI(G) -- landing ship, infantry (gunboat).
LSI(L) -- landing ship, infantry (large).
LSI(M) -- landing ship, infantry (mortar).
LSI(R) -- landing ship, infantry (rocket).
LSM -- medium landing ship.
LSM(R) -- medium landing ship (rocket), (now LFR).
LSS(L) -- support landing ship (large) Mk III.
LST -- tank landing ship.
LSTH -- landing ship, tank (casualty evacuation) .
LSTS -- landing ship (utility).
LSU -- landing ship (utility).
LSV -- landing ship, vehicle.
LT -- large tug (Army).
lt -- light (displacement).
Lufkin -- Lufkin Foundry & Machine Co.
LVA -- assault landing vehicle.
LVT -- landing vehicle, tracked.
LWT -- amphibious warping tug.


M -- Marine.
M. -- mortar.
MAC -- Military Airlift Command.
MarAd -- Maritime Administration.
MAP -- Military Assistance Program.
MB -- motor boat.
M.C. -- Maritime Commission.
M.C.E. -- Maritime Commission Emergency Ship Program ("Liberty" ships).
MSC -- mine countermeasures ship.
M.C.V -- Maritime Commission Victory Ship Program ("Victory" ships).
M.D.A.P. -- Mutual Defense Assistance Program.
Mfr -- manufacturer.
mg. -- machine gun.
MHA -- minehunter, auxiliary.
MHC -- minehunter, coastal.
MinDiv -- mine division.
MinFlot -- mine flotilla.
MinLant -- Mine Force Atlantic.
MinPac -- Mine Force Pacific.
MinRon -- mine squadron.
mis. -- missile.
mis. ln -- missile launcher.
mk. -- mark.
mlr. -- muzzle-loading rifle.
MM -- minelayer, fleet.
mm. -- millimeter.
MMA -- minelayer, auxiliary.
MMC -- minelayer, coastal.
MMD -- minelayer, fast (formerly DM).
MMP -- minelayer, fleet.
Mon -- monitor.
MON -- monitor (new riverine warfare type).
Moran -- Moran Brothers Co., Seattle, Washington.
Mssh. -- Mosher-type boiler.
mot -- motor generator.
mph -- miles per hour.
MS -- motor ship.
MSA -- minesweeper, auxiliary.
MSB -- minesweeping boat.
M.S.C. -- Military Sealift Command (formerly MSTS).
MSC -- minesweeper, coastal (nonmagnetic).
MSCO -- minesweeper, coastal (old).
MSD -- minesweeper, drone.
MSF -- minesweeper, fleet (steel hull).
MSI -- minesweeper, inshore.
MSL -- minesweeping launch.
MMS -- minesweeper, river.
MSO -- minesweeper, ocean (nonmagnetic).
MSR -- minesweeper, patrol.
MSS -- minesweeper, special (device).
MSTS -- Military Sea Transportation Service (now Military Sealift Command).


n. -- normal (displacement).
NAR -- Naval Auxiliary Reserve.
NASA -- National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
NaSuCo -- National Supply Co.
NATO -- North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
NaTran -- National Transit Pump & Machine Co., Oil City, Pa.
NATS -- Naval Air Transport Service.
NavSea -- Naval Sea Systems Command (formerly NSSC and Naval Ordnance Systems Command).
NavSyd -- naval shipyard.
NavSyd-Bos -- Boston Naval Shipyard, Boston, Massachusetts (formerly Boston Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Bklyn -- New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, New York (formerly New York Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Charl -- Charleston Naval Shipyard, Charleston, South Carolina (formerly Charleston Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Hunt -- Hunters Point Div., San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, California.
NavSyd-LBeach -- Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, California.
NavSyd-MI -- Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California.
NavSyd-Norfolk -- Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia. (formerly Norfolk Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Pearl -- Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (formerly Pearl Harbor Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Phil -- Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (formerly Philadelphia Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Ports -- Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (formerly Portsmouth Navy Yard).
NavSyd-Puget -- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington (formerly Puget Sound Navy Yard).
Neafie -- Neafie and Levy Ship and Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
N.E.I. -- Netherlands East Indies.
Nfld. -- Newfoundland.
N.G. -- New Guinea.
N.I. -- Northern Ireland.
NICB -- Niclaune-type boiler (built by the Stirling: Co., Barberton, Ohio).
Niles -- Niles Tool Works Div., General Machinery Corp.
NLSE -- New London Ship and Engine Co., Groton, Connecticut.
NN -- Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Virginia.
NNV -- National Naval Volunteers.
NOB -- Naval Operating Base.
NOR -- Normand-type boiler.
Nordb -- Nordbe Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
NOTS -- Naval Overseas Transportation Service.
NR -- submersible research vehicle (nuclear propulsion).
NROTC -- Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps.
N.S. -- Nova Scotia.
nsp. -- non-self-propelled.
NSSC -- Naval Ship Systems Command (formerly BUSHIPS, now part of NavSea).
N.W.I. -- Netherlands West Indies.
NYd -- Navy yard.
NYd-Pensa -- Pensacola Navy Yard, Pensacola, Florida.
NYd-Wash -- Washington Navy Yard, Washington, District of Columbia.
NYSb -- New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, New Jersey.


off. -- officer(s).
OIC -- Officer in Charge.
OTC -- Officer in Tactical Command.


PA -- contraction of APA (attack transport).
PACV -- patrol air cushion vehicle.
Palm -- N. F. Palmer, Jr., and Co., New York, New York.
PARPRO -- Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program.
PBM -- twin-engine patrol bomber seaplane, known as "Mariner," manufactured by Glenn L. Martin Co.
PBR -- river patrol boat.
PBY -- twin -- engine patrol bomber seaplane, known as "Catalina," manufactured by Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corp.
PC -- submarine chaser (173').
PCC -- control submarine chaser (173').
PCE -- patrol escort.
PCEC -- control escort (180').
PCER -- patrol rescue escort.
PCF -- patrol craft, inshore.
PCH -- patrol craft (hydrofoil).
PCS -- patrol craft, submarine.
PCSC -- control submarine chaser (136').
pdr. -- pounder.
PE -- eagle boat.
PF -- patrol escort; or frigate.
PG -- patrol gunboat.
PGH -- patrol gunboat (hydrofoil).
PGM -- motor gunboat.
Phib -- amphibious.
PhibRon -- amphibious squadron.
P.I. -- Philippine Islands.
PIRAZ -- positive identification and radar advisory zone.
Pol. -- Polaris missile system.
P.Q. -- Province of Quebec.
PR -- river gunboat.
P.R. -- Puerto Rico.
P.r. -- Parrott rifle.
PT -- motor torpedo boat.
PTC -- motor boat subchaser.
PTF -- fast patrol craft.
Pusey -- Pusey & Jones, Wilmington, Delaware.
PY -- patrol vessel converted yacht.
PYc. -- Patrol vessel converted yacht (coastal).


QIW -- Quintard Iron Works, New York, New York.
quad. -- quadruple.
quint. -- quintuple.


R and R -- rest and rehabilitation.
r. -- rifle.
r. pivt. -- rifted pivot gun.
RAF -- Royal Air Force.
RAAF -- Royal Australian Air Force.
RAN -- Royal Australian Navy.
RC -- revenue cutter.
RCAF -- Royal Canadian Air Force.
RCN -- Royal Canadian Navy.
RCS -- Revenue Cutter Service.
recip3 -- reciprocating, triple expansion.
Reg. -- Regulus missile system.
rf. -- rapid fire.
Rich -- Richmond Locomotive Works, Richmond, Virginia.
Ridg -- Ridgeway Dynamo and Electric Co., Ridgeway, Pennsylvania.
rkt. -- rocket launcher.
RN -- Royal Navy.
RNN -- Royal Netherlands Navy.
RNZN -- Royal New Zealand Navy.
Roach -- John Roach and Sons, Chester, Pennsylvania.
ROK -- Republic of Korea.
RON -- squadron.
RU -- Reciprocating (Skinner Unaflow).


S. -- speed.
sa. -- semiautomatic.
SACEUR -- Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.
SACLANT -- Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic.
SACMED -- Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean.
SAR -- Search and Rescue, sea air rescue.
sat. -- saturated.
sb. -- smooth bore.
SC -- submarine chaser (110'); or cruiser submarine.
Sc -- screw.
SCAJAP -- Shipping Control Administrator, Japan.
SCC -- control submarine chaser (110').
ScFr -- screw frigate.
ScGbt -- screw gunboat.
Sch -- schooner.
SchBg -- schooner barge.
SCOTCH -- Scotch fire tube boiler. (All others are watertube.)
ScSIp -- screw sloop-of-war.
ScStr -- -screw steamer.
ScTug -- screw tug.
SEAL -- Sea Air and Land (Naval Special Forces).
SEATO -- Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.
seabee -- construction battalion.
SF -- fleet submarine.
Sg. -- shell gun.
s-g -- single & double reduction gears.
sgl. -- single.
SHAEF -- Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force.
SHAPE -- Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe.
shp. -- shaft horsepower.
SINS -- Ships Inertial Navigational System.
SL -- ship-of-the-line.
Slp -- sloop.
SlpW -- sloop-of-war.
SlvBg -- salvage barge.
SM -- mine laying submarine.
SNAP -- anti-snooper air patrol.
SP -- motor patrol boat.
sp -- self-propelled.
sr -- single reduction gears.
S.r. -- Sawyer rifle.
SS -- submarine; or merchant steamship.
SSA -- cargo submarine.
SSB -- fleet ballistic missile submarine.
SSBN -- fleet ballistic missile submarine (nuclear powered).
SSC -- cruiser submarine.
SSG -- guided missile submarine.
SSGN -- guided missile submarine (nuclear powered).
SSK -- antisubmarine submarine.
SSN -- submarine (nuclear powered).
SSO -- submarine oiler.
SSP -- submarine transport.
SSR -- radar picket submarine.
SSRN -- radar picket submarine (nuclear powered).
SSS -- strike support ship.
SST -- target and training submarine (self-propelled).
St -- steam.
StBrig -- steam brig.
StBt -- steamboat.
stbd. -- starboard.
StFr -- steam frigate.
Str -- steamer.
StRam -- steam ram.
StTBt -- steam torpedo boat.
StTug -- steam tug.
Stw -- stern wheel.
StwGbt -- stern wheel gunboat.
StwRam -- stern wheel ram.
StwStr -- stern wheel steamer.
SubDiv -- submarine division.
SubFlot -- submarine flotilla.
subm. -- submerged.
SUBROC -- submarine rocket.
SubRon -- submarine squadron.
Sun -- Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pennsylvania.
Sup -- Superior Marine Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
surf. -- surface.
Sw -- side wheel.
SwGbt -- side wheel gunboat.
SwStr -- side wheel steamer.
SwRam -- side wheel ram.
SwTug -- side wheel tug.
Syd -- shipyard.


t. -- tonnage.
T. -- Maritime Commission standard type.
T -- prefix indicating M.S.C. (MSTS) ship.
Tal. -- Talos missile system.
Tar. -- Tartar missile system.
TB -- torpedo boat.
TBS -- talk between ships.
td. -- turbine direct drive.
ted. -- turbine electric drive.
Ter. -- Terrier missile system.
terd. -- turbine electric reduction drive.
TF -- Task Force.
TG -- Task Group.
THORN -- Thornycroft-type boiler.
Tk -- tanker.
tl. -- trial (speed).
TLL -- tanklighter.
TLWW -- tank lighter (medium tank-well type).
TR -- geared turbine drive.
Tr -- trawler.
Trans -- transport.
TransRon -- transport squadron.
Trigg. -- Wm. R. Trigg Co., Richmond, Virginia.
Troy -- Troy Engine & Machine Co.
trp. -- troop capacity.
tt. -- torpedo tubes.
TU -- Task Unit.
tur. -- turbine.


UDT -- underwater demolition team.
UIW -- Union Iron Works, San Francisco, California.
UIWHDR -- Union Iron Works header-type boiler.
U.K. -- United Kingdom.
UN -- United Nations.
UN-CR -- Universal Cruiser.
unrep. -- underway replenishment.
USA -- United States Army.
USAAC -- United States Army Air Corps.
USAAF -- United States Army Air Forces.
USAF -- United States Air Force.
USAMC -- United States Army Medical Corps.
USANF -- United States Auxiliary Naval Force.
USAT -- United States Army Transport.
USCG -- United States Coast Guard.
USCGR -- United States Coast Guard Reserve.
USCGS -- United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.
USCS -- United States Coast Survey.
USMC -- United States Marine Corps.
USMCR -- United States Marine Corps Reserve.
USMCWR -- United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve.
USN -- United States Navy.
USNA -- United States Naval Academy.
USNR -- United States Naval Reserve.
USNRF -- United States Naval Reserve Forces.
USNS -- United States Naval Ship.
USRCS -- United States Revenue Cutter Service.
USRM -- United States Revenue Marine.
USS -- United States Ship.
USSB -- United States Shipping Board.


VB -- Navy bombing plane; Navy dive bombing squadron.
VBF -- Navy bombing-fighting aircraft; Navy bomber-fighter squadron.
VBT -- bombing, torpedo plans.
VC -- composite aircraft squadron.
VD -- photographic squadron (aircraft).
vert. -- vertical.
VF -- Navy fighter plane; Navy fighter squadron.
VFB -- fighter bombing plane.
VF(M) -- fighter plane (two engine).
VF(N) -- Navy night fighter squadron.
VG -- light transport plane (single engine).
VGF -- escort-fighting squadron.
VGS -- escort-scouting squadron.
VH -- ambulance plane; Navy rescue squadron.
V.I. -- Virgin Islands.
VJ -- utility plane; Navy utility squadron.
VMB -- Marine medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land-based and seaplane).
VMBF -- Marine fighter bomber squadron.
VMD -- Marine hydrographic squadron.
VMF -- Marine fighter squadron.
VMF(N) -- Marine fighter squadron (night).
VMJ -- Marine utility squadron.
VMO -- Marine observation squadron.
VMO(AS) -- Marine observation squadron (artillery spotting).
VN -- training squadron.
VO -- observation plane; Navy battleship observation squadron.
VOG -- Navy observation plans squadron.
Vog -- Henry Vogt Machine Co., Louisville, Kentucky.
VOGHDR -- Vogt header-type boiler.
VP -- patrol plane -- Navy patrol squadron.
VPB -- patrol-bombing plane; Navy medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land based and sea, based).
VPT -- patrol-torpedo plane.
VR -- transport plane; Navy transport squadron.
VS -- scouting plane; Navy shore based scouting squadron.
VSB -- scout -- bombing plane.
VSO -- scout observation plane.
VT -- torpedo plane; Navy torpedo bomber squadron.
VTB -- torpedo bombing plane.
VT(N) -- Navy night torpedo bomber squadron.
vt2 -- vertical double-expansion.
vt3 -- vertical triple-expansion.
vt,4 -- vertical quadruple-expansion.


WAVES -- Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service.
Wes -- Westinghouse.
Wes-Del -- Westinghouse & De Laval.
Wes-Falk -- Westinghouse & Falk.
Wes-FB -- Westinghouse & Farrel-Birmingham.
WestPac -- Western Pacific.
WFB -- White-Forster-type boiler (manufactured by Babcock and Wilcox).
Wint -- Winton Engine Corp., Cleveland, Ohio.
WIW -- Washington Iron Works, Seattle, Washington.
WL -- water line.
WM -- White and Middleton Co., Springfield, Ohio.
WSA -- War Shipping Administration.
wt. -- water-tube boiler.
WTDF -- water-tube single-furnace boiler.
WWI -- World War I.
WWII -- World War II.


X -- submersible craft (self-propelled).
XMAP -- sweeper device.


YA -- ash lighter.
YAG -- miscellaneous auxiliary (service craft).
YAGR -- ocean radar station ship.
YAR -- Yarrow-type boiler.
YC -- open lighter (non-self-propelled).
YCD -- fueling barge.
YCF -- car float (non-self-propelled).
YCK -- open cargo lighter.
YCV -- aircraft transportation lighter (non-self-propelled).
YD -- floating crane (non-self-propelled).
Yd -- Yard (Navy).
YDG -- district degaussing vessel.
YDT -- diving tender (non-self-propelled).
YE -- ammunition lighter.
YF -- covered lighter (self-propelled); or freight lighter.
YFB -- ferryboat or launch (self-propelled).
YFD -- yard floating dry dock (non-self-propelled).
YFN -- covered lighter (non-self-propelled).
YFNB -- large covered lighter (non-self-propelled).
YFND -- dry dock companion craft (non-self-propelled).
YFNG -- covered lighter (special purpose) (later YFNX).
YFNX -- lighter (special purpose non-self-propelled) (formerly YFNG).
YFP -- floating power barge (non-self-propelled).
YFR -- refrigerated covered lighter (self-propelled).
YFRN -- refrigerated covered lighter (non-self-propelled).
YFRT -- covered lighter (range tender).
YFT -- torpedo transportation lighter.
YFU -- harbor utility craft (self-propelled).
YG -- garbage lighter (self-propelled).
YGN -- garbage lighter (non-self-propelled).
Y-gun -- Y-type depth charge projector.
YH -- ambulance boat.
YHB -- house boat.
YHLC -- salvage lift craft, heavy (non-self-propelled).
YHT -- scow, heating.
YLA -- open landing lighter.
YLLC -- salvage lift craft, light (self-propelled).
YM -- dredge (sp.).
YMLC -- salvage lift craft, medium (non-self-propelled).
YMP -- motor mineplanter.
YMS -- auxiliary motor minesweeper.
YMT -- motor tug.
YN -- net tender (boom).
YNG -- gate craft (non-self-propelled).
YNT -- district net tender.
YO -- fuel oil barge (self-propelled).
YOG -- gasoline barge (self-propelled).
YOGN -- gasoline barge (non-self-propelled).
YON -- fuel oil barge (non-self-propelled).
YOS -- oil storage barge (non-self-propelled).
YP -- patrol craft (self-propelled).
YPD -- floating pile driver (non-self-propelled).
YPK -- pontoon stowage barge.
YR -- floating workshop (non-self-propelled).
YRB -- repair and berthing barge (nsp.).
YRBM -- repair, berthing, and messing barge (non-self-propelled).
YRBM(L) -- submarine repair, berthing, and messing barge (large).
YRC -- submarine rescue chamber.
YRDH -- floating dry dock workshop (hull) (non-self-propelled).
YRDM -- floating dry dock workshop (machine) (non-self-propelled).
YRL -- covered lighter (repair).
YRR -- radiological repair barge (non-self-propelled).
YRST -- salvage craft tender (non-self-propelled).
YS -- stevedoring barge.
YSD -- seaplane wrecking derrick (self-propelled).
YSR -- sludge removal barge (non-self-propelled).
YSP -- stowage pontoon.
YT -- harbor tug.
YTB -- large harbor tug.
YTL -- small harbor tug.
YTM -- medium harbor tug.
YTT -- torpedo testing barge.
YV -- drone aircraft catapult control craft (self-propelled); or seaplane barge.
YVC -- catapult lighter.
YW -- water barge (self-propelled).
YWN -- water barge (non-self-propelled).


ZR -- rigid airship.
ZRS -- rigid airship (scouting).