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Caption: Algonquin (center) and Winooski (left) at the start of the race conducted to determine the relative merits of their machinery, in New York harbor, 13 February 1866, as seen in a contemporary engraving. (NH 57269)


An American Indian tribe which inhabited the area of the Ottawa River valley.


Algonquin, a gunboat, was launched by the New York Navy Yard on 21 December 1863; but poor machinery caused her to fail her trials. Consequently, she was never commissioned and was sold on 21 October 1869.


El Toro—a tug built in 1891 at Newport News, Va., by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.—was purchased by the Navy on 26 March 1898; renamed Algonquin and commissioned on 2 April 1898, Ens. W. S. Crowley in command. On 15 June 1898, she was renamed Accomac (q.v.).

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