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(MB: t. 14; 1. 50'8"; b. 9'6"; dr. 4'7"; s. 7 k.; a. 1 1-pdr., 1 mg.)

The albacore is a small tuna found in temperate seas throughout the world. It is easily distinguished from other tuna by its pectoral fin. Albacore usually weigh between 40 to 80 pounds. The fish are also noted as rapid swimmers. Albacore is a popular food fish and is one of the most valuable for canning purposes. The albacore is also a fine sporting fish and struggles violently when hooked. The first Albacore retained her former name; subsequent ships were named for the fish.


The first Albacore (SP-751) was built in 1900 at San Diego, Calif., by Howard Bros.; acquired by the Navy from her owner, Bryant H. Howard of San Diego; ordered to be delivered on 21 June 1917; and commissioned soon thereafter.

The motorboat was assigned to the 12th Naval District, where she operated as a section patrol boat. Albacore was returned to her owner on 19 March 1919.