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Japan After the Surrender—Rare Color Photographs 

Autumn 1945 

Photo #: NH 104428-KN Japanese Policemen
Japanese policemen standing by a traffic control post in 1945, shortly after Japan's surrender. Location is probably Tokyo. This image, and those below, are from original 35-mm Kodachrome transparencies, photographed by Lieutenant Howard W. Whalen, USNR, of USS Sanborn (APA-193) (NH 104428-KN).

Photo #: NH 104439-KN Bomb damage in a Japanese city
Bomb damage in either Tokyo or Yokohama. Note the unscathed safe in the left center foreground (NH 104439-KN).

Photo #: NH 104429-KN Street Scene in a Japanese City
Street scene, probably in a relatively undamaged district of Tokyo (NH 104429-KN).

Photo #: NH 104432-KN Japanese Boy on stilts
Boy on stilts in a commercial area, probably in Tokyo (NH 104432-KN).

Photo #: NH 104435-KN Japanese Street Scene
Commercial thoroughfare, likely in Tokyo. Note military jeep at right (NH 104435-KN).

Photo #: NH 104438-KN U.S. Navy Sailors and local residents on a Japanese street
U.S. Navy sailors and local residents on a Japanese street, probably in Tokyo (NH 104438-KN).

Photo #: NH 104433-KN Japanese Woman with Baby
Japanese woman in traditional garb with her children, probably Tokyo (NH 104433-KN).

Photo #: NH 104431-KN Japanese Policeman
A Japanese policeman, likely in Tokyo. Note the demobilized soldier at right (NH 104431-KN).

Photo #: NH 104426-KN Bomb Devastation
Bomb devastation in Yokohama or Tokyo (KN 104426-KN).

Photo #: NH 104437-KN Building in Japan
Lobby entrance of Tokyo's New Imperial Hotel, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in use by U.S. occupation forces (NH 104437-KN).

Photo #: NH 104436-KN U.S. Navy Officers and U.S. Army Women Officers
U.S. naval and female Army officers outside the New Imperial Hotel, Tokyo (NH 104436).
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