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Battle for Okinawa 

1 April–22 June 1945 

Photo #: 80-G-328441  Okinawa Campaign, March-June 1945

USS Intrepid (CV-11) afire after she was hit by a kamikaze off Okinawa on 16 April 1945. A Fletcher-class destroyer steams by in the foreground (80-G-328441).


"Operation Iceberg: The Okinawa Invasion in 1945," an illustrated operational overview from NHHC's blog, The Sextant

"Action at Okinawa," a synopsis of the operation in the Navy Department Library Online Reading Room that focuses on the important role of seaborne transport of personnel and supplies 

"Oral History: Battle for Okinawa," recollections of Commander Frederick Julian Becton, USN, commanding officer of USS Laffey (DD-724), which remained afloat despite being struck by four bombs and six Japanese kamikaze aircraft on 16 April 1945 

Navy Department Communiques 301-600 and Pacific Fleet Communiques, 6 March 1943 to 24 May 1945

"Amphibious Operations," a collection of World War II combat art from the Navy Art Collection that covers many Pacific theater operations including Okinawa 

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