Naval History and Heritage Command

Naval History and Heritage Command

USS CONSTITUTION America's Ship of State

USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides”
USS Constitution’s victories at sea during the War of 1812 inspired a nation and helped mark the emergence of the United States as a world-class maritime power. USS Constitution is crewed by a select group of active-duty U.S. Navy Sailors who share her story with visitors from around the world and continue the U.S. Navy’s tradition of service through community outreach.


Look Behind the Scenes
The legacy of “America’s Ship of State” continues thanks to the dedicated work of the restoration team at the Naval History and Heritage Command Detachment Boston, civilians with the responsibility for preserving “Old Ironsides.” Explore the links below to look behind the scenes at past restoration projects, including the 2015-17 dry docking and restoration of USS Constitution.


Share the Legacy
Visitor information is available on the USS Constitution website and the National Park Service’s Charlestown Navy Yard website. The USS Constitution Museum, a non-profit, provides insight into the history of “America’s Ship of State”; for visitor information and online resources, consult the museum website.


If you are an active-duty U.S. Navy Sailor interested in serving aboard the Constitution, please consult the USS Constitution website.