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Officers of the Wasp in action with the Frolic, 18 October 1812

Jacob Jones, commander
George H. Rodgers, lieutenant
James Biddle, lieutenant
Benjamin Booth, lieutenant
Alexander Claxton, lieutenant
Henry B. Rapp, lieutenant
William Knight, sailing master
Thomas Harris, surgeon
George S. Wise, purser
John M'Cloud, boatswain
George Jackson, gunner
George Van Cleave, midshipman
A. S. Ten Eick, midshipman
Richard Brashears, midshipman
John Holcomb, midshipman
William J. M'Cluny, midshipman
C. J. Baker, midshipman
Charles Gaunt, midshipman
Walter W. New, surgeon's mate

Source: A General Register of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States, "Officers of the Navy, to whom thanks, medals and swords have been voted by Congress." Washington, D.C.: Alexander, Publisher, 1848.

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