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Officers of the Peacock, in action with the Epervier, 29 April 1814

Lewis Warrington, captain
John B. Nicholson, 1st lieutenant
Samuel Henley, 2d lieutenant
Philip F. Voorhees, 3d lieutenant
John Percival, master
Charles B. Hamilton, surgeon
Herman Thorn, purser
Richardson N. Buck, midshipman
Hill Carter, midshipman
John M. Dale, midshipman
William Tennent Rogers, midshipman
Israel Israel, midshipman
Thomas Greeves, midshipman
Nehemiah Tilton, midshipman
William H. Jenkins, midshipman
Thomas Cadle, surgeon's mate
Philip S. Meyer, master's mate
Dennizen Baldwin, master's mate
Joseph Price, boatswain
Robert Benson, gunner
Daniel Cole, carpenter
Charles Heyer, sailmaker
John S. Townsend, captain's clerk

Source: A General Register of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States, "Officers of the Navy, to whom thanks, medals and swords have been voted by Congress." Washington, D.C.: Alexander, Publisher, 1848.

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