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Officers of the Hornet in action with the Peacock, 24 February 1813

James Lawrence, master commandant
John T. Shubrick, lieutenant
Walter Stewart, lieutenant
David Conner, lieutenant
John T. Newton, acting lieutenant
John Earles, sailing master
Sylvester Bill, sailing master
Micajah Hawkes, surgeon's mate
Charles Cotton, acting surgeon
French Forrest, midshipman
George Getz, midshipman
Ira Titus, midshipman
William Boerum, midshipman
William E. McKenney, midshipman
Benjamin Cooper, midshipman
Thomas A. Tippett, midshipman
Joseph Smoot, midshipman

Source: A General Register of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States, "Officers of the Navy, to whom thanks, medals and swords have been voted by Congress." Washington, D.C.: Alexander, Publisher, 1848.

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