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Officers in the Battle of Lake Erie, 10 September 1813


Oliver H Perry, commanding
John J. Yarnall, lieutenant
Dulaney Forrest, lieutenant
Samuel Hambleton, purser
Samuel Horsley, surgeon
William V. Taylor, sailing master
Thomas Breeze, chaplain
Usher Parsons, acting surgeon
Augustus Swartwout, midshipman
Peleg K. Dunham, midshipman
Henry Laub, midshipman
James Alexander Perry, midshipman
John Fox, gunner
Joseph Cheeves, boatswain
John Brooks, lieutenant of marines
James Tull, sergeant marines
William S. Johnson, sergeant marines


Daniel Turner, liuetenant commandant
James E. M'Donald, sailng master
Thomas Rodgers, boatswain
Joseph Beckley, sergeant marines
James Artis, sergeant marines


Stephen Champlin, sailing master
John W. Wendell, midshipman
John Clark, midshipman
John Fifell, boatswain's mate
Joseph Berry, corporal marines



George Senate, acting sailing master
Cornelius Denicke, master's mate
Daniel Armitage, boatswain's mate
David Little, corporal marines


J. Packet, lieutenant commandant
Thomas Brownell, sailing master
Gamaliel Darling, master's mate
John White, boatswain's mate
Robert Anderson, lieutenant of infantry, commanding marines


Thomas C. Almy, sailing master
David C. Nichols, midshipman
Clem. Shannon, boatswain's mate



Thomas Holdup [Thomas Holdup Stephens], lieutenant commander
James Bliss, midshipman
Alexander M'Cullen, master's mate
John Brown, boatswain's mate
James Blair, lieutenant of infantry, commanding marines
John Brown, corporal marines


A. H. M. Concklin, lieutenant commander
Alexander C. Stout, midshipman
Hugh N. Page, midshipman
Peter Brown, boatswain's mate
William Webster, corporal marines


Jesse D. Elliott, captain
John J. Edwards, lieutenant
Joseph E. Smith, lieutenant
Nelson Webster, sailing master
Daniel Dobbins, sailing master
Robert R. Barton, surgeon
Humphrey Magrath, purser
J. B. Montgomery, midshipman
James J. Cummings, midshipman
Charles Smith, midshipman
S. W. Adams, midshipman
Robert S. Tatem, midshipman
Simeon Warn, midshipman
Edward Bridgeport, midshipman
Peter Barry, boatswain
George Stockton, capatin marines
Henry B. Brevoort, captain infantry, commanding marines
John Heddleson, lieutenant marines
Jonathan Curtis, sergeant marines
Sanford A. Mason, sergeant marines

Source: A General Register of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States, "Officers of the Navy, to whom thanks, medals and swords have been voted by Congress." Washington, D.C.: Alexander, Publisher, 1848.

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