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Naval Register: Printed by Order of the Secretary of the Navy. August 1st, 1815. Washington, D.C.: Weightman, [1815].

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List is grouped by first letter of last name, then by date of warrant.


Names and Rank.


Dates of Commissions.


Where Stationed.

Baker, John 16 June, 1814 Lake Champlain
Barry, Thomas 2 July, -- Frigate Guerriere
Bogman, James Acting Gunner Frigate Congress
Currie, Anthony 28 June, 1809 Furloughed July 31, 1811
Cosgrove, James 30 do 1813 Furloughed June 8, 1815
Conklin, Robert Acting Gunner Sloop Ontario
Farris, John 23 Sept. -- Sloop Frolic
Foster, James 12 April, 1815 Frigate "U. States"
Fair, John 8 July, -- Frigate Java
Fowler, William Acting Gunner Frigate Guerriere
Hunt, Henry Ditto Frigate Constellation
Hay, Charles Ditto Brig Flambeau
Jackson, George 2 Feb. 1810 Frigate Constellation
Johnson, John 6 May, 1813 Lake Erie
Johnson, William Acting Gunner Washington 74
Lala, Joseph Ditto Schooner Torch
Moore, James 1 March, 1808 Wilmington, N.C.
Marshall, George 15 July, 1809 Sloop Erie
Myrick, John 8 Aug. 1811 Schooner Spitfire
Nelson, John Acting Gunner Brig Epervier
Rodgers, Matthew 17 Aug. 1812 Independence 74
Shannon, Clement Acting Gunner Brig Spark
Taylor, William 6 July, 1804 Norfolk, Va.
Wilson, John S. Acting Gunner Brig Firefly


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